Aquarius Horoscope 2017

Get ready for an eventful year Aquarius, this year would keep you on your toes, occupied in lots of activities throughout. You would be a busy bee at work and all your efforts would fetch you ample gains and progress at work. The first half of the year would bring in many gains relating to real estate or overseas matters. Luck would especially favor you in the second half, as plenty of opportunities to rack up a lot of money would come and materialize. And the last quarter of the year  would be brimming with endless prospects of substantial gains. Therefore, this is the year to patiently pursue your ambitions and success would come to you running as the year progresses. And while your heads are in the clouds, do not sing your own praises at work, let your work do the talking. A hectic and an eventful year 2017 is here for you. Make the most of it.

 Work & Business

Time is positive for working people. Your charisma will stay intact. Your relations will get better with your boss. If you are thinking about getting a promotion, this year you will get it. Your respect will increase at work. There are chances that you may have to travel to accomplish the works related to business or job. Showing your efficiency, you may impress your senior officials, which may get you a new responsibility. Your excellent performance will get you increment as well. Those who are trying to work abroad may get successful this year. Unemployed people may get good job. Businessmen will also be able to save money. You may get benefits in business in partnership. In the second half of the year, you must stay aware of the problems related to business.


Your financial situation will stay good this year. Avoid irrelevant expenditures. Spend only where it is necessary and try to save as much as possible. Travels related to finances will be successful. If your money is stuck somewhere, there are good chances of getting it back. Before investing into any risky affair, think properly. Your self-confidence will be helpful in making money. If any argument is going on related to money, it will get over. By the mid of the year, your disturbed works will come in form again. Also, there are really good chances of making money. Financial situation will get better and you will get money from many sources. During this time, you will be able to make money with a lot of hard work.


This time will give mixed results to the students. There are chances that you may get a big success in the coming time. Students who are taking higher education will get the desired results. Your concentration will get better. You will study the subjects again and again, which will make your practice even better and your results will be positive. Students who want to get higher education abroad will get new opportunities. Time is positive for those who want to give competitive exams. Overall, in this duration, you will be able to get success in all education related things.


In this duration, you will spend money to have fun. Family will also stay full of bliss. You will feel a new energy in you. By traveling to a beautiful place, you may refresh yourself. Guests may keep on visiting you. A pilgrimage might prove to be delightful for you. Traveling to such places with family will give peace to your soul. You will get relief in the matters related to some old tiffs. Harmony will prevail in family and some solution will come out for the ancestral property matter. Before doing anything important, advice of elders will prove to be the best for you.


This year is positive for the love matters. Time will be really good for the new couple. You will have more inclination toward your sweetheart. Also, you will get enough opportunities to do romance. At work, you may start liking someone and you will get peace with the one. You may get attracted toward more than one people. It will be great for you to avoid anything that causes defamation. Some new people will be excited to be friends with you. Marriage talks may begin and by the end of the year, you may get your lover in the form of life partner.


Health will be average this year, foretells. Physically, you will be quite energetic. But, people suffering through asthma need to stay alert. Keep on getting your medical check-ups done and take proper precautions. Donít be lenient toward minor issues like cough and cold. Improve your immunity by working out regularly. You may also stay healthy by performing Yoga and Pranayama regularly. To avoid tiredness due to journeys, take proper rest. Elderly people should take their medicines regularly and go for a morning walk.


The year would kick off with good progress in career. Substantial development would be there, in both career as well as domestic matters. You could also be promoted this month or you might obtain a new project that you were eying on until now. Income would grow substantially after 14th January. Overall, generous profits would be there. In terms of social life, spending time with friends would give you happiness.


During this month, you would enjoy a better social and financial standing. Your lifestyle would be comfortable. You would also have an active social life and would find others company enriching. New income prospects may spring up this month. Financial ups and downs could persist after 12th February so care should be taken concerning spending habits. Travel might not be rewarding so spend cautiously and try to be frugal.


A dip in energy and financial hiccups are possible as the month begins. Financial losses may persist so be practical in money matters and avoid any risks. Monetary position would be back on track after 14th March. You would also improve in terms of health and wellbeing. However, rise in ego could trouble you so should be avoided. An effort towards spiritual contentment might help in this regard.


You are at the hands of ego this month. The need to be respected and held important is overpowering you. This is a hectic month, possibly due to travel plans. Any new information from abroad might be in your favor. After 14th April, you would concentrate more on other aspects of life than yourself such as family, finance, government, tax etc. Support of luck would be back in financial matters during the last phase of the month. However, ego and self-obsession should be minimized.


You seem to be a slave of self-obsession in the beginning of the month. This could affect your speech and in turn relationships. Money seems to have taken the center stage in your life. You could expect a new liveliness in your life after 12th February. However, mouth and face related problems would accompany it at the same time. Your connections and foreign association would prove profitable. Conferences and meetings planned away from native place are likely to be fruitful this month.


Travel this month would be rewarding and rejuvenating. You would most certainly plan a short vacation. Your bonding with siblings would be low this month and your rapport with other family members would also suffer after 14th May. You could focus on real estate matters, as luck is likely to favor you in that. Chances of purchasing something of value are there too.


Key developments could be observed concerning your mother or a female guardian. You may acquire a new home or a car too. You might in fact relocate at the start of the month itself. Health could tumble after 15th June and also your relationship with children. Towards the end of the month, you might face issues on account of rise in ego.


Your ego and aggression seem to be overpowering at this point. News from abroad might change the course of life towards betterment in the beginning of the month. However, you may not be able to utilize your skills well due to stomach or face related problems. Situation would get better eventually after 17th August. Hard work would bring positive results in career as well as other aspects of life.


Career growth would continue this month. And at the same time, positive developments at the domestic front are also possible. Respite in health matters would be there too. But rise in ego could lead to a troubled relationship with spouse after 17th September. You might travel this month for business deals. You would observe that your ideas would be opposed a lot towards the end of the month.


You might find people in power disagreeing with you, which could cause conflicting relationship with them in the beginning of the month. Profit from foreign sources is possible this month but your relationship with spouse may suffer at the hands of your ego in the beginning. Heath issues and problems in life may persist after 17th October. You would be down on luck this month. Stars suggest to avoid making any unnecessary commitments or to overwork your brain in the second half.


The defense mechanism of your body does not seem to be functioning at its best. You should not exhaust yourself. During this month, you might stumble across unexpected profits but there could be some hurdles in your share too, especially related to authority or tax. From 16th November onwards, you may observe a spike in your luck quotient. A sudden travel plan would turn out well for you. Your interest in religion and spirituality would be high during the last part of the month.


Luck is on your side in December. The year could wind up with a memorable and lucrative travel. You might in fact feel driven towards religious pursuits, which could offer some mental peace. This is also a good period for career development, especially after 16th December. You may move up the ranks at work and your status and reputation would also increase this month.


  1. Worship Lord Shani regularly.
  2. Offer food and dakshina to the Brahmins, ascetics.
  • Suggestion: 
  • Avoid useless arguments. Your decision making power is quite good. Donít trust anyone with closed eyes.
  • Auspicious number(s): 4, 8,13,17, 22, and 26
  • Auspicious color(s): Blue, Green, Purple, and Black

We hope and wish that you will make the best out of this year.