Capricorn Horoscope 2017

This year is going to be a positive and very fortunate year for you. You would be high on luck and gains throughout. But remember, fortune only favors the brave so tackle challenges with courage, if any. First half of the year would be a season of happiness for you, with frequent opportunities to travel and indulge in new love prospects. Career ride will be smooth throughout. Work and financial prospects would however be much better in the first half as compared to the second. So when the opportunity to fill up pockets comes, seize it right away. Nearing the end of the year, a sizzling opportunity for a sudden new relationship or marriage is waiting to be embraced. This is going to be an eventful year throughout, so be sanguine about the upcoming prospects.

 Work & Business

working people will be full of valor and enthusiasm. Your efficiency to work will surprise those who are better in performance than you. You will know the evil plans of your opponents quite easily. At work, there are great chances of getting promotion and respect. You will get benefit through a senior official. Businessmen may start a new venture. You will get benefit in business, but avoid doing many things at one time. You will earn respect in your work. This faith in yourself will always keep you making successful. Work related long distance journeys will prove to be beneficial for you. You will increase your income by trying something new. If you have given money to someone, he/she will give it back during this time. Businessmen must stay alert in the matters related to the exchange of money. Too much trust on a closed one in the matter of money may cause you loss. There are chances that you may get money suddenly through share market, betting, etc.



This year looks average in the matters of money. Starting of the year will come with many benefits. You will accomplish your works and make them your source of income. But, keep some control over your expenditure otherwise you may have to face losses. Some irrelevant expenditure may increase, so try to accumulate as much as possible. Travels related to money will prove to be beneficial. Second half of the year will be of mixed results for you. Donít make any big investment in emotions. Your self-confidence may come in handy for making more money. Friends of partner may also get you financial benefits.



Time is positive for the students. They may get fame and recognition anywhere with their hard work. Those who are involved in preparing for their exams will complete everything within the deadline. You will make new plans for your subject and concentration will stay good in studies. Along with fun, you will have a hawk eye over your studies as well. Your curiosity will increase for new subjects. You will develop more interest for science, art, and technical education. With your hard work, you will be able to reach the right place.


Situation at home will stay normal, but tiffs are possible with some close family members, it is important for you to keep your anger in control. Donít get stressed due to irrelevant things in life. Arrangement of a religious or auspicious event at home will make you happy. If your parents have some serious health issue, things will get better. Your relations will also stay better with them. There are chances that you may go out somewhere with your spouse. A plan to pilgrimage is also possible. It will also make you spiritually strong. You may get some good new related to an achievement of your child. You will feel delighted seeing their growth. Also, you may spend some moments of bliss with your


The year looks average for the love matters. Those who are already in a relationship will experience more love in between them. Keep a control over your sensual thoughts. If you didnít do this, it may corrupt your relationships. Due to workload, you wonít be able to spend much time with your sweetheart. This may bring sadness to the relationship. New lovers might have to face some hurdles. You may start liking someone in school or college. Someone younger than you may steal your heart. You wonít even feel afraid of taking risks in love and will stay excited to propose the one you like.


This time cannot be considered very good as far as health is concerned. Some journeys and work pressure may make you tired. Leave for traveling somewhere, this will make you feel light. Also, you may travel abroad to get the mental peace. Some stomach or skin related problems may trouble you. Try to eat at good places as much as possible. Donít invite diseases by having too much of junk food. Take special care of cleanliness at home. You will get good benefit from Ayurveda and Yoga. Keep yourself stress free and drive carefully.


You would have a good lifestyle and social life this month. Income would also elevate during the beginning of the month. You would find company of your social circle quite enriching. A new mode of earning may also come up. Issues in money matters could be there after 14th January due to dip in income and rising expenditure. Travels could be wasteful this month so do not spend excessively.


Low stamina might wear you down this month. The financial burdens you may face could also get a toll on you. Caution is advised due to possibility of losses, especially until 12th February. Thereafter, things would improve, on the health front as well as in terms of expenses. Ego may still cause problems with people. Spirituality should be practiced to maintain peace and be one with yourself.


You seem to be too invested in yourself and your need to feel important. This would be an active month, primarily on account of travel. Positive news from overseas would fill you with motivation. After 14th March, your focus would move from self to other key areas of life including family, finance, tax, government etc. As the month comes to a close, fortune would begin to be gracious. However, you need to be careful of your egoistic nature and domineering tendencies.


You seem to be self-centered, too busy fulfilling your own needs and donít mind hurting a few hearts along the way. You would give a lot of importance to money this month. A positive change would occur in life post 14th April. Some diseases related to face or mouth could trouble you this month though. Networking skills and foreign associations would benefit you a lot this month. Any business meetings held abroad or away from home would prove profitable.


Some exciting and gainful travels are on the cards this month, especially a short trip or a holiday. However, siblings may turn inimical to you for some reason. In fact, your relationship with other family members also seems to have suffered a setback, especially after 14th May. Your luck quotient could work well in real estate matters. Good chances of purchasing something valuable are there. Moreover, you would also indulge yourself this month.


June is an eventful time for the mother figure in your life. In fact, it is an activity-oriented period concerning domestic matters. Your might buy a new residence or vehicle and may relocate too. However, you could feel low on the health front. After 15th June, your bonding with kids may also suffer. A heightened ego in your disposition would be there towards the end of the month.


Anger and self-interest could create hurdles during the beginning of the month. New knowledge from abroad might reward you with a change in routine. You might however experience issues related to facial region or abdominal area. A better period would come about after 16th July, with ample progress at work as well as in other areas of life. Your hard work and self-motivation would beget good rewards.


You would continue to make progress on the career front. You would be in charge of your life both at work as well as at home. Health would also get better eventually. You should however control your egoism in marital life to keep peace with spouse, especially after 17th August. Chances of a business trip are there on the horizon too. You might observe increase in opposition to your opinions as the month closes.


Disagreements with authoritative people could get you into trouble in the beginning of the month. You could however expect good gains from foreign sources. Problems with spouse may continue on account of your ego. Progress in health matters may come to a halt after 17th September. Overall, issues may rise in life this month due to low luck quotient. You should try to refrain from any commitments or workload during the second half of September.


Your energy might drop considerably during the initial phase of the month. This is not the time to overwork. You could though look forward to some unexpected gains. However, there might be some obstacles to block progress, especially those relating to authority or tax sources. Situation would be a lot better post 17th October due to improvement in luck. You may in fact plan a fruitful trip this month, but you might not have enough time to prepare. You may feel more inclined to spirituality towards the closing of the month.


Fortune would greet you with better luck this month. You might in fact take a rewarding trip too. Religious inclination would benefit you in terms of bringing mental contentment. Progress on the career front is also evident after 16th November. Your position at work and status would improve considerably this month.


The year would wind up with a progressive phase in career. Life would be smooth at both the work front as well as home. In fact, stars have a promotion or new assignment in store for you. Flow of income would be substantial after 16th December. You could expect ample gains this month, especially towards the last few days of the month. This is the time to revel & enjoy with friends and company.


  1. On Sunday donate pistachios and frozen food to the temple.
  • Suggestion: 
  • Give rest to your body. Avoid stress. Donít be lenient about health.
  • Auspicious number(s): 4, 8,13, 17, 19, 22, and 26
  • Auspicious color(s): Blue, Green, Purple, and Black

 We hope and wish  that you will make the best out of this year.