Gemini Horoscope 2017

This is an excellent year for progress, as chances of substantial growth are there. The year surely has plenty in store for you! Possibility of move of residence exists in 2017. However, the period between February and May needs some caution on the professional front since competition or ego clashes could lead to unnecessary troubles. Exercise persistence, and you would reap good returns on your efforts in career. The prospects of birth, conception of a bay if applicable are possible in this year. Happiness in children related matters is there this year. However, it is advised to keep your composure towards the end of the year, as some challenges in family and relationships could bulldoze your domestic happiness. Overall, with little caution, this year will turn out to be much rewarding.


Work & Business

This year will begin with the rush in work and business. Even after putting a lot of efforts, results will be average at work. But, donít feel disappointed due to this and keep putting efforts because the planningís made from the mid of the year may get fulfilled. The efforts given by you will make you successful in getting you a new identity, which will force even your rivals to praise you. Respect and honor may increase with the help of colleagues. Some new sources of income may arise. There are chances of earning more by the end of the year. You may get this money due to the success in business. Those who are in job will get increment due to promotion. Use all your energy in your new project and double your efforts. There are chances of change in business. If you were planning to work abroad or set up a business there, this time may prove to be positive for you. Those who are into share market or real estate may get benefited in this time. Avoid earning through speculations or lottery.


In financial matters, your expenditure may increase a bit, you may have to take personal loan to fulfill the daily requirements of home. Also, for your personal interests, you may spend a bit more. Try to keep a control over your expenditure. Income flow will be inconsistent; you will earn good enough but you wonít be able to hold it. You will have to spend in fulfilling your responsibilities. Second half of the year will give you some relief in life and your money related problems will get settled. New income sources may come.


Students having Gemini sign will have to put some extra hard work. This hard work of yours will show colors. In this situation, you will have to manage your work with patience and wisdom. Students participating in competitive exams will get success. By the second half of the year, things will get easier. You may get praises and respect for your hard work. Those who want to travel abroad for higher education, time is good for them.


At one end, the year demands your attention toward financial matters and at other end, a lot of bliss and happiness is foreseen for the family. In this duration, your affection with mother will increase. Pay attention to her emotions and feelings. You will get ample opportunities to meet your family members. Friends will support you a lot; especially in business. But, you may have some tiffs with the really closed ones. Due to this, some stressful situations are possible. Use your skills to maintain a balance in your relationships. Your enthusiasm will increase due to the success of your children. Spouse and mother may face some health related problems. Also, there are chances that you may buy some luxury items.


If there is already a problem in your relationship, try to fix it. Donít doubt your partner without any reason. Keep things completely transparent between you two. Avoid getting into arguments and keep patience. Plan a trip with your sweetheart; it will strengthen your relationship. Those who want to marry their love, time are good. It is also a great time for the new lovers. If you are planning to propose some, things will be in your favor. By the mid of the year, you will feel like to increase the intensity of your love, enjoy this time.



This year you need to stay alert about your health. Avoid eating outside; it may disturb your stomach. Continuous hard work may give you health problems, so take proper rest as well. Skin related problems are also possible. Those who are suffering from an ailment for long must consult a doctor continuously. Take good care of your health. Regular Yoga, Pranayama, and meditation will benefit you. Stay alert while driving and keep a control over speed. Keep enough distance from the careless drivers.



Progress at work is on the horizon. You hard work would put you in a better position in career. Health would also come back on track eventually. However, your ego could create issues with spouse after 14th January. You may have to travel for business reasons this month. You might also face opposition to your ideas and opinions as the month ends.


People in power might oppose you in the beginning of the month. Foreign associations would prove profitable. You may have issues dealing with spouse though. Ego clashes may persist between you during the first half of the month. Problems in health matters are possible after 12th February. You might face a lot of roadblocks this month. Luck quotient may also be low. We suggest you to not make any false promises or take too many responsibilities, especially in the 2nd half.


Your stamina and energy level would be low as the month begins. There is no point overstressing yourself. You may get gains from unexpected sources, however there would be a lot of roadblocks in your way too. Issues from government departments and tax may persist. Luck quotient would improve after 14th March. An unexpected journey may prove rewarding for you. During the end of the month, you would be spiritually inclined.


Luck would favor you a lot this month. Pleasurable and profitable journeys might take place too. Indulgence in religious pursuits is likely to be rewarding in terms of mental growth and contentment. Rise in career would be there after 14th April. Status would improve and you would find yourself in a powerful position at work.


This is a positive month for career growth. Work-life balance would be good and progress would be there. You may get a new assignment at work or work your way up the ranks. After 14th May, income would increase. There would be gains as per your expectations as the month comes to a close. Company of friends would bring happiness.


Income would be good as the month begins. You would be able to enjoy comforts and a good social life. A new source of earning could be there by this time. Fall in financial position is possible after 15th June due to low income and high expenses. Plan your travels cautiously to avoid any monetary losses. 


Stamina might be low in the beginning of the month. Financial problems may also crop up this month due to losses. You need to be vigilant in money matters. Things would get better after 16th July 2017. Health would get better and you would be able to curtail expenses to some extent. Feeling of superiority and ego may invade your attitude by this point. You should start indulging in spirituality now.


Ego and self-obsession are high in the beginning of August. Your actions would be based on thoughts about yourself. Status and how others perceive you would become a priority this month. Travel plans may keep your schedule tight. You may also get a positive news from foreign sources. Family and finance seem to be your focus of attention from 17th August 2017 onwards. At the end of the month, luck would support you in managing finances. However, you should refrain from self-praise and domination.


In the beginning of the month, your speech would be affected by ego and a tendency of domination. Your focus in on finance this month. Your life would take a turn for the better after 17th September. However, a problem related to mouth or face might occur. Foreign sources would bring profit and your networking abilities would also help you in this regard. Any business associations made away from native place, especially overseas would turn out profitable.


Travel plans this month would prove fulfilling and rewarding. You might plan a short vacation. This month, your relationship with siblings might suffer. You might also face psychological distance from your near and dear ones after 17th October. Luck would side you in property and domestic matters. You are likely to indulge a lot and may even purchase something valuable. 


This is a key time for your mother or maternal figure. You might buy a property or conveyance too in the beginning. Possibility of change of location exists in your horoscope. Health issues may occur at times and after 16th November, you may encounter children related problems too. Stomach seems to be a vulnerable area. You also need to work upon rising ego at the end of the month.


Anger and self-obsessive nature might push people away from you in the beginning. You could discover some information from foreign sources and this would give you a head start. Problems related to face or stomach may trouble you often. After 16th December, you would be in a better position concerning finance due to controlled spending and hard work. Career would progress through own efforts.



  1. Recite Sri Suktam and Lakshmi Chalisa regularly.
  2. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama regularly on Thursdays.
  3. Donate an electronic item to a Brahmin on Wednesdays.
  • Suggestion: 
  • Stay positive and think properly before taking any decision.
  • Auspicious number(s): 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, and 50
  • Auspicious color(s): Cream and Green

We hope and wish that you will make the best out of this year.