Leo Horoscope 2017

2017 would be more of a roller-coaster ride for you. This year is going to be very positive financially, you could expect satisfactory income and gains. However, expenses may get over too, thus the year demands from you to control the urge to splurge. Any overhead expenses and temptation to go on a spending spree must be restrained. While opportunities to overload bank accounts would be plenty, things look a little cloudy concerning family matter. You may face troubles with relations and overall level of comfort in family and children might disappoint you. Keep your mind sound & sane during this period as losing temper could backfire for you.

Communication could be poor at work. Ego clashes could also lead to setbacks in the first half of the year. But have faith, for positive winds will blow in your life as the year progresses towards the end. Overall, this year would be a year of mixed opportunities for you.

 Work & Business

Your overall income will be good. Working people will get the chances to go ahead with their skills. Government employees are getting chances of special success. In this duration, your pending works will expedite. The job or business you are doing might give you complete success. The success in projects will give a boost to your confidence. In the matters related to business, you will bring a lot of improvement with the help of your experience. Trying a new technique or strategy at work will enhance your business and production. You will feel happy due to increment at job or more income in business. You may get good success on business level. During this time, even your hidden enemies will also not dare to stand in front of you. Also, they will try to make their relation good with you. You will get benefitted by a senior official or an influential person in business or job. Increment is possible for those who are working abroad. Government officials may have to see the change in place. You may receive money through some shortcut methods. In this duration, if you invest in the share market intelligently, benefits are possible. But, those who are into real estate need to work cautiously, otherwise losses are possible.


Time is good for making money. Someone will repay you the money given by you for help long back. Due to this, you may plan to expand your business or invest in something new. Your efforts may get successful in the matters related to loans and financial management. If you have taken money from someone, you may repay it. Due to the improvement in the financial situation, respect in business will stay intact. You may have to put some efforts to make money. As you will get expected results, you will get some satisfaction.


As far as your education in concerned, you will take regular care of your education. Concentration of the students will increase day-by-day. Students of higher education will get more interested in studies. You will keep on getting the guidance by a qualified teacher, which will help you immensely. Apart from studies, your interest will increase in mental activities. Students planning to abroad are having good chances for that. Time will stay positive for studying banking or management. Natives who are preparing for competitive exams, government job, etc. will get success.


You may get some financial benefit from the side of your family. For fun, entertainment, etc, you will spend money. A solution may be found in the matters related to ancestral property. Stress is possible with the spouse. So, avoid unimportant arguments. Donít let any bitterness come in between. That is why keep your words and behavior under control and donít let ego be a cause of trouble. Never try to prove yourself better than your spouse. A closed one may also try to disturb your relationship, so stay alert. Health of your child may cause you stress. You may get financial support from the side of your father. Also, you may get the benefits of your Guruís support because this time is positive from the spiritual angle.


Your love life will get better day-by-day. You will keep on getting moments to have fun with your love partner. When it comes on relationship, you will become quite serious and will stay in a romantic mood. But, you may get a bit impatient for not getting the opportunity to meet your love. You will definitely try to maintain the contact with your sweetheart via various mediums. Your friend list will include more of the opposite sex people. If your love life was going through a tough time already, things will start settling down gradually. The natives who are alone may meet someone special. Those who are already married will spend good times with their spouse and may also go to travel somewhere.


In this duration, your health will stay overall good. You will experience mental peace, those who are already going through a problem will feel improvement. You will stay busy due to the arrival of guests. The level of your energy will stay high. Fitness will hide your age. To get health and mental peace, your inclination will increase toward spirituality. Some seasonal diseases may trouble you. Stay alert of those diseases that occur due to heat and take special care of the hygiene.


There would be a lot of activity on the domestic front. January is going to be an eventful time for your mother too. You might in fact purchase a new house or car. Change of location is in store this month. After 14th January, instability in your relationship with children and personal health may persist. Your ego could also land you in trouble at the end of the month.


Aggression may increase along with a tendency to be self-obsessed when the month begins. Positive news from abroad might give a new direction to your life. There could be some health issues in between such as those relating to face and stomach. Situation would come under grip after 12th February  and you would observe good progress due to your hard work and dynamic approach.


Career growth is likely. Things would be in your control at work and you are likely to work relentlessly to progress. You might also observe progress in health matters. After 14th March, ego could create trouble with partner so better keep it out of the equation. You might travel for business purposes. Opposition to your ideas may increase towards the end of March.


Those in power may have opposing views as the month kicks off. Any overseas transactions would prove rewarding. Partner may be quite touchy this month and you may have some differences due to your ego, especially in the beginning of the month. Challenges would crop up after 14th April, especially in health matters. Fortune may also stop favoring. This is not a period to make commitments that you cannot fulfill. Also, avoid workaholic tendencies in the second half of the month.


You would observe a dip in your stamina as the month begins. You might stumble across profits from unpredictable sources. Expect a few challenges too. You might face issues related to government or tax sources. You luck quotient would improve after 14th May. An unexpected trip might occur but it would wind up in your favor. Interest in spiritual inclination would increase at the end of the month.


Planets seem to bring good luck to you this month. Any travel plans would end up being lucrative. Virtuous activities would help you have peace of mind. After 15th June, you would observe a great leap in your career. You might land a leadership role and elevate your status.


July is an active and productive period for career. There would be ample progress in both professional as well as personal life. You may indulge in a new project or get a better position at work now. Growth in income is likely after 16th July. Substantial gains would be there as the month concludes. This month, you would enjoy indulging in your social circle too.


The beginning of the month would see growth in income and a better social life. You would enjoy a comfortable lifestyle overall. In fact, new earning opportunities may knock the door. Your financial position may waver after 17th August  as there could be a misbalance between income and expenditure. You need to be cautious with where you spend your money, especially when it comes to splurging on travel.


This month would be marked by laziness and lack of energy. You may also struggle financially. A financial loss at the start of the month may cause some upheaval. The period after 17th September is much better in terms of money matters. Thereafter, you would enjoy a better health and financial position. Ego issues might crop up this month. You should indulge in spiritual pursuits.


Respect and importance is what you need this month. However, you are overly occupied in thoughts about yourself. This is going to be busy month due to travels. You might get to hear a positive news from abroad sources and associations. After 17th October, your focus would shift to family and financial aspects especially government and tax related. Fortune would bless you with better financial position towards the end of the month. You should however stay away from egoism and domination..


You seem to be suffering from superiority complex and high ego this month. Finance tops the list of your priorities. The period after 16th November would bring a positive change. However, issues related to mouth or face might affect you. You are likely to earn profit from foreign associations this month. Your ability to network would assist you in all aspects. Any business deals that happen away from native place or abroad would be lucrative in the long run.


You may plan some fruitful journeys this month. A small distance trip is possible which you might enjoy a lot. On the downside, your relationship with siblings might suffer. You may not feel as close to your family members as before, especially after 16th December. Fortune would bless you with good opportunities to invest in real estate. You may add something valuable to your possessions as the month comes to a close.


  1. Donate black things, black cloth, black lentils, mustard oil, Pennies and dakshina on Saturday.


  • You must increase your patience. Avoid being angry and confident.
  • Auspicious number(s): 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, and 22
  • Auspicious color(s): Orange, Yellow, and Red

We hope and wish that you will make the best out of this year.