Libra Horoscope 2017

2017 will bring a lot of positive changes for Libra. As they say, "you reap what you sow", this is indeed the year to reap the benefits of your labor of the past, as your hard work and efforts made in the past would finally pay off. New areas of opportunities will open up; it is just a matter of eagerness to explore them. Embrace opportunities with open arms. Chances of expansion are also high during this year. The ride would be a little bumpy in the first half as you could face a setback in relationships. Improvement however would come about as the year progresses. Second half of 2017 would be specifically rewarding in terms of financial happiness. A wave of opportunities from overseas sources is possible after September 2017. So play your cards tactfully this year and the road to success will shorten.

Work & Business

This year seems good for the working people. You will move ahead beating your opponents in the competition. Those who are into sales and marketing will be able to make good records by alluring customers. Those who are working somewhere will get promotion with the responsibility of a new position, which will enhance their status. If you get transferred, accept it because there are strong chances of benefits through it. Time is also positive for the business related progress. If businessmen will invest in something new, they will get benefitted. But, avoid any big investment at the end of the year. Also, stay cautious in the matters related to the exchange of money because a trustworthy person might do something wrong. Time is good for the natives related to the share market. Avoid making any investment in the flow of emotions. There are good chances of progress by the mid of this year.


The year looks satisfactory for the financial matters. Additionally, there are chances of financial gains. You will try your best to make money. For financial improvement, you may plan something new. Also, there are chances that you may get the money back from someone you have given it to long ago. Your efforts made for income will show colors. In addition to this, there are chances of financial benefits from abroad or long-distant places.


Students must stay ready for the hard work. However, in this time, your mental strength will stay good. For choosing your career, you will take the suggestion of the experts and will stay active to take decision in this direction. Also, there are chances that you will get support from your teachers. For choosing the most appropriate stream in education, time is favorable from the mid of the year. The students who want to go abroad for education should accelerate their efforts. Those who are preparing for competitive exams and taking higher education must do more hard work.


Due to the health issues of someone in family, you may spend a lot. Big arguments are possible with the loved ones. For no reason, you will feel stressed. Distance may come in between your relationship with the relatives. It is better to stay away from any immoral activity. Your interest may develop in religious things; you may get into argument with someone suddenly. Try to stay mum; it is the best thing for you. Stay alert while driving because there are chances of injuries. Health of your father may become the matter of concern. Relations may stay a bit stressful with mother and family. Avoid any type of argument with the spouse. Second half of the year will start to get better.


During this time, you must stay cautious in the matters related to love. Your relationship may become stressful due to misunderstandings, foretells the . Halt the thought of proposing someone for some time. You may continuously feel something missing in your relationship. Married people wonít be able to give more time to their spouse. Stay alert while you speak because your words might be taken in a wrong way by your love partner. Give each other proper support in fulfilling the responsibilities of life. It will help in maintaining a mutual understanding in between you two. People who want to get married may have to face some obstruction.


In the matters of health, you need to be a bit alert. Due to too much work, you may feel physically tired and weak; stay alert for the seasonal diseases. Overweight or obese people may face muscular pain. Donít ignore small health issues. You may plan to travel somewhere taking leave from the daily chores. Those who are sick for a very long time must take good care of their health. Special emphasis should be given on Yoga and meditation. It will resolve many problems.


Self-obsession and a propensity to push others down would be there in you during the early part of the month. Monetary matters would stay high on your priority list. From 14th January onwards, you would locate a new sense of energy in your life. However, mouth or facial ailments of a minor sort might trouble you. Profits would roll in from sources abroad. Your ability to network would help a lot. Meetings and associations far from home or abroad would bring awesome returns.


Travels would be beneficial and full of enthusiasm. A short excursion is written in the stars for this month. Issues with siblings could be present too. Some kind of a separation with close ones might be felt as well from 12th February onwards. You would do well in real estate and domestic matters. You will entertain yourself and might buy something of significant worth towards the closure of February.


This is a significant month with respect to your mother. Possibility of procurement of land, vehicle or relocation exists during the initial days of the month. After 14th March, Issues concerning wellbeing or relations with kids might disturb the smooth flow of life. Excessive ego could also lead to problems at the end of the month.


Your thinking would be self-fixated and dominating amid the early parts of the month. A positive news from abroad might give your life a head start as the month begins. Some stomach-related and facial medical problems could turn up. After 14th April, improvement would come about on account of your hard work. Career would also see a better phase due to your dynamic persona.


This is a good period for career related development. You would overshadow any challenges at work. Your wellbeing would improve considerably. Post 14th May, issues could manifest in marriage matters due to rise in ego. Business travels would be successful. You may encounter a lot of disagreement towards the end of the month.


This month is to start with opposition from individuals in power. Monetary exchanges from abroad would be lucrative and gainful. Life partner would be troublesome and ego clashes may persist in the first half. Health would be down after 15th June and obstacles may rise. Lady luck seems to be unfavorable. It would be ideal to avoid too many responsibilities at once during the latter part of the month. 


The month may begin with low vim and vigor. Abstain from focusing on yourself. Income could roll in from unexpected sources however; in the meantime, obstacles could increase too. Issues related to government/tax sources may be hassling. From 16th July, fortune would be gracious. A sudden yet pleasurable travel could occur towards the end of July. Moreover, spiritual inclination may also increase.


Fortune would support you consistently. Any tours you make would be gainful and pleasurable as well. Increasing interest in religious activities would bring significant peacefulness. Career would bounce up immensely after 17th August. You would get more power and status at work, leading to overall growth.


A great period kicks off with this month for professional elevation. You will gain considerable ground at work and in your personal life too. You might win a new project and authority position. After 17th September, salary would increase significantly. You would make satisfactory gains as the month comes to an end. Company of friends would be uplifting and enjoyable.


A comfortable lifestyle and a good social life awaits you in October. You would enjoy good income too. Company of friends would be stimulating and beneficial. You might encounter a money-spinning opportunity this month. Financial problems could crop up after 17th October. Increasing costs and falling income may cause worries. It would be better to arrange your travel plans to keep expenses low.


Month could start with low vitality and financial burdens. Planets may throw some losses so exercise caution on the monetary front. Expenses would come under control eventually after 16th November and health would also improve. You may however turn up your nose at others due to ego. You should strive towards spirituality to sail through the month smoothly.


You might give too much importance to yourself this month. You would be too invested in thinking whether others are valuing you or not. Travel arrangements would keep you engaged this month. Good news from foreign may also make your month pleasant. From 16th December, you would begin to concentrate more on family and financial issues related to government or tax. The month would end with in good luck in money matters but you need to avoid showing off.


  1. On Saturdays, donate black things, black cloth and black lentils.
  • Suggestion: 
  • Take good care of your health and perform Yoga and avoid being too emotional.
  • Auspicious number(s): 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, and 60
  • Auspicious color(s): Green, Cream, Blue, and Purple

We hope and wish that you will make the best out of this year.