Scorpio Horoscope 2017

Be ready for some surprises in this year. A lot of unexpected things would keep you overwhelmed this year. But at the same time, This year requires efforts from your end too. You would work hard this year, and muster up courage to face challenges head on! Owing to this, personal pressure would be high and family life could be stressful too. But do not fret, for Scorpio have the blessing of fortune. Luck seems to be smiling on your financial arena. Income and gains would be ample this year. Lots of opportunities and projects would fall in your lap; you need to work hard to make the most of them. But don't bite off too much and take up only the amount of work you can handle. And the happiest part of the year? You sensual ones may get entwined in a sudden and unexpected love relationship in the first half of the year.


Work & Business

Beginning of the year is good for starting a business. Due to the enhancement in work, your income will increase. You may get benefit by doing an impeccable planning. Success in business is possible due to the support of friends. Businessmen may expand their business to the foreign lands. You may get many profitable deals. Time will be growthful for working people. Your mind will stay full of enthusiasm and you will stay ready to face even the most difficult situation. In addition to skills if you add your expressions, success will be at armís reach. At work, you may get support and praises from a big official. Luck will support you in this time. You will do all your tasks will full dedication. But, keep an eye over the environment of office.


Time is perfect to make money. You will get new sources of income. Donít stay lenient in the matters related to money. This year, your expenditure and income will stay equal. You may get the desired success in the financial matters. You will spend in some auspicious work. Take all financial decisions carefully. Suggestion of an experience person might be helpful for investing money at the right place. Also, there are chances of getting the blocked money back. You may get help from a person sitting at higher position.


This time can be considered somewhat positive for the students. You may perform on a good level in your education. Good opportunities for getting higher education will be received. If you are a student of research, good results can be expected. Luck is in your favor, so keep your hard work going. Those who are preparing for competitive exams need to put a lot of hard work. These efforts will get you success in the coming days.


In this year, you will spend more on household things. Try to keep a control over the unimportant expenditures, that you will get enough support of your loved ones. Also, there are chances of spending in an auspicious work. Starting of this year looks good for the married life. You may get support from the in-laws and spouse. Avoid laziness and focus on something creative. You will feel happy due to unexpected good news. You will get many opportunities to have fun with your friends. Also, there are chances of the completion of an important work. You may expect an expensive gift from the side of your spouse. Your relation may get a bit stressed by the mid of the year. There might be less love and support in the love relationship. You will have to keep a control over your speech; otherwise small tiffs may keep you stressed.


It is a wonderful time to initiate something in love matters. You will get introduced with some new friends. These friendships may last for a very long time and will also be beneficial for you. In this time, any new friendship may turn into love. You are quite interested in opposite sex during this time. In such situation, you may have more than one love relationship, which may put you into a confusing situation. The time is good for making new relationships and traveling with your spouse. By the end of the year, you may get tied in a nuptial knot. Those who want get married to their love may get the consent of their parents by the end of this year.


As far as your health is concerned, no big problem expected. Still, donít be lenient toward your health. Your mental health may get affected. Most probably, you will feel that your physical energy is draining gradually. It is important for you to stay alert for the stomach related problems. You may get rid of such problems by keeping a control over your eating habits. Some unimportant journeys or work pressure may make you tired. But, the second half of the year holds positivity. At this time, your health will stay better.


Low stamina seems to be taking a toll on you as the month begins. Moreover, some financial burden may also keep you troubled. At the onset of the month, you might incur a loss too. Life would be a lot better after 14th January as you would make progress in health matters and get control of your expenses. Ego issues may persist though. You should lean on spirituality to find peace.


Your own needs and circumstances are your priority this month. Your status and respect in society matters to you a lot. You might remain busy due to travels. Good news from abroad is likely to make this month fulfilling. After 12th February 2017, you would prioritize matters concerning family, government, tax sources etc. Planets would afford you with more luck in financial matters at the end of the month. However, you should stay away from self-praise and domination to be stress-free.


Ego seems to be riding your behavior & speech as the month begins. You would prioritize finance above anything else this month. A new energy would enter your life after 14th March. However, you may encounter issues related to face or mouth. This month would bring satisfactory profits, especially from foreign sources and due to your networking capacity. Business associations abroad would bring good rewards.


Travels this month would be worthwhile. Strong possibility of a short trip exists. The cordiality between you and your siblings would be low this month. You might also feel some distance from near and dear ones after 14th April. Fortune though would support you in matters concerning property and home. In fact, you are likely to enjoy yourself and also welcome an addition to your valuables and possessions as the month ends.


This is going to be a busy and active period for your mother. There would be a lot of activity on the home front. You might buy a new house or vehicle too. Change of place is possible in the beginning. After 14th March, your health may go downhill. Moreover, children matters may not be that smooth thereafter. Stomach issues could keep you troubled this month and as the month ends, your ego would increase.


Your behavior would be marked by increase ego and aggression in the beginning of the month. A message from abroad might enlighten you and give a direction in life. Until 14th June, you might face troubles on account of stomach and face related problems. Things would be much better thereafter due to your own hard work. You would also progress on the career front on account of your dynamic attitude.


Career progress would continue this month as well. Things would be smooth on the work front and progress is possible. You would also do well in health matters. You should however keep ego out of your relationship to keep things smooth with spouse after 16th July. A business trip might occur in July. You might encounter a lot of opposition and disagreements toward the end of July.


People in power may not appreciate your ideas much as the month begins. Associations overseas would be quite fruitful. Problems with spouse may persist due to your ego-ridden personality. Issues may increase after 17th August, especially in health matters. Lady luck does not seem to be supportive either. Keep your schedule relaxed in the 2nd half of the month and do not take up unnecessary responsibilities that you cannot fulfill.


You might feel low in the beginning of September. Do not indulge in stressful and draining activities. Profit may come from an unexpected medium but at the same time, some roadblocks would be there too. Things could get troublesome due to government or tax sources; however, improvement would be there after 17th September. Towards the end of September, a sudden trip might take place but it would turn out well for you. You might find yourself spiritually inclined at end of the month.


Luck would be high in October. You would plan beneficial travels this month. Religious inclination and participation in virtuous activities would prove rewarding. You may also see a boost in career after 17th October. You are likely to get a better position at work and might elevate your status at the same time.


Career would continue to rise as the month begins. Along with work life, you would also observe positive developments in your personal sphere. At work, chances of promotion or a new project exist. Income may also grow exponentially after 16th November. You would feel satisfied with your profits and achievements by the end of the month. Company of friends would turn out quite enjoyable this month too.


You would enjoy a better income and social life this month. There would be plenty of comforts and a good lifestyle. New earning opportunities would be there too. Fluctuations in finances may occur after 16th December so you need to watch out for any unnecessary expenses. If planning to travel, be cautious as to not splurge blindly since travel may be unrewarding so could cause losses.


  1. Offer Almond to temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Suggestion: 
  • Stay alert for your health, and need to save yourself from bad addictions.
  • Auspicious number(s): 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, and 90
  • Auspicious color(s): Red, Yellow, Orange, and White

We hope and wish that you will make the best out of this year.