Sagittarius Horoscope 2017

The harder you work the better would be the outcome in the year 2017. Health might keep you disturbed and personal issues would persevere throughout the year. But if you work hard, improvement would come about gradually. Work pressure would be exceptionally high so tighten your belts this year. It is time to show what you are capable of and all these efforts would lead to substantial growth and expansion of work, which would keep your spirits high despite the challenges. Fortune will favor after September in terms of financial growth. You could expect tremendous gains, especially relating to real estate. Health however needs special attention after September. Keep up the good work and life will sail through.

 Work & Business

Working people may get a lot of success. Also, there are chances of getting the support of higher officials and promotion. Your salary may increase and company may offer you some facilities. If you are planning to change your job, this time is quite positive. In business, you may get remarkable success. If you are planning to do something new, it will be great to take the suggestions of the experienced people from that field. If you have your business in partnership, avoid any type of argument. You will definitely get the result of the hard work done in this time. You may get a big project from the government or private sector. Also, you may get your stuck money back. If you are getting thoughts of making money through shortcuts, just stop thinking about it. It will be quite beneficial for you to invest in the share market for a longer duration of time. If your work is related to the real estate, get ready to receive the profits from all the directions.


In the first half of this year, you may have to face some financial problems. So, save some money and avoid unimportant expenditures, suggests you to stay cautious while  doing any time of financial exchange because there are chances of frauds by a closed one. You may get financial benefits through an influential person or a senior official. Those who do business will get an increment in the turnover. Work related travels will cost you a lot, but you will also get monetary benefits. In order to maintain a balance in the financial matters, you will have to increase your efforts.


This year may prove to be quite influencing for you. Students will get a good environment to study. You will get more curiosity to learn new things. As a result, you will try to study the subjects deeply. Time is positive for the students of psychology or esoteric sciences. Students of commerce may get good success. Medical students will get the institute of their choice. Those who are preparing for government job or competitive exams must increase their efforts.


Previous differences with your family will get resolved. You will make relationship with some new people. Stress is possible in married life. Additionally, problems may come in relations due to anger. Always behave nicely with your life partner because you need the one in your life. You will stay involved in having fun and entertainment. Also, you may plan to go somewhere with your parents. Additionally, you may bring some luxury item to home. A religious or auspicious event may be planned in home. You will get full support of parents. You will stay happy with the growth of your children. Your interest will increase in religious rituals and activities. As an old issue related to ancestral property will get resolved, you will feel relieved.


This year may prove to be quite exciting for the love matters. The old issues in between you two will get resolved. You may start liking a colleague. New love relationship may also begin. Additionally, you may get love proposals. You may express your love by exchanging gifts. Some people may get into physical relationships with something, which they will try to keep hidden. Due to this, problems may occur in future. Natives who are planning to get married will get successful.


This year, stay alert about your health. Avoid having junk food because this may give you stomach related issues. If you don't focus on health timely, it may affect you adversely. Try to maintain a balance between family and work. Otherwise, your health may get affected. You may feel dissatisfied and stressed. Those who are suffering through diabetes and obesity need to take special care of them. These diseases may trouble you in this time. Donít stress yourself and keep yourself away from the unimportant things. Continuous workout and Yoga will be good for you. Focus on music and your hobbies. It will keep your mind in peace.


The month begins with self-esteem & ego high on your priority. You would remain quite effected by thoughts about yourself & the importance that you receive or not receiving in life. Travel plans would be busy & news from overseas could be heartening. The focus would move to family, finances and tax / government related finances from 14th January 2017. Luck in money matters would be experienced towards the end of the month. Be cautious about self-praise & acting high handed this month.


Ego in speech & a tendency to push people down would be present during the early part of the month. Financial matters would remain high on your priority. 12th February 2017 onwards you will find a new vibrancy in your life. Mouth or facial diseases of a minor nature could be felt. Gains would come in from overseas sources. There would be gains & growth due to networking abilities. Business meetings or conference away from home or overseas could give you great returns.


Travels would be interesting as well as gainful. Chances of a short vacation / holiday possible this month. Misunderstanding or issues with siblings could be felt this month. Some sort of a distance & issue with family members would be felt 14th March onwards. Luck would rise in real estate or home matters now. You will indulge yourself & buy something of value towards the end of the month.


This is an eventful month with regard to your mother or an older maternal figure. Possibility of purchase of real estate, conveyance or move of home possible during the initial parts of the month. Issues could crop up with regard to health or relations with children after 14th April. Stomach issues possible also & the end of the month could see a rise of unnecessary ego too.


Mind would be aggressive & self-obsessed during the early parts of the month. News from overseas could bring in learning and a new way of life as the month begins. Stomach & facial region could experience some health issues. 14th May will see you back in control and very good amount of progress as well as growth due to your hard work. You will be dynamic and see substantial progress at work.


Good period for work related growth. You will find yourself in control professionally as there would be much progress due to your hard work. Health matters would improve during this month too. Beyond 15th June, you would find a rise in ego with spouse or some issues could crop up in marriage matters. Travel for business possible now. You could find a general opposition to your ideas towards the end of the month.


Opposition from people in authority could be felt during this month in the beginning. Transactions from overseas would be lucrative and profitable. Spouse would be difficult & you might have to encounter ego frequently during the earlier parts of the month. Health could slip after 16th July & hurdles might seem to rise. Luck would slip too during this month. It would be better to avoid commitments or very strenuous schedule during the second half of the month.


Stamina & immunity could be low at the beginning of the month. Avoid stressing yourself. Gains could come in from unexpected sources but at the same time hurdles could be high. There could be issues from government / tax sources too. Luck would rise 17th August onwards. You could be on an unexpected but pleasant travel towards the end of the month. An inclination towards religion could be higher towards end of the month too.


Good level of luck would prevail throughout the month. Travels would be beneficial as well as pleasurable this month. Participating in religious functions would bring peace of mind. Career would jump up tremendously after the 17th September. There would be growth at work as well as your status. You will find that your level of authority & status would rise now.


A good period for career as the month begins. You will make substantial progress at work as well as in personal life. A new assignment and a higher position could come about now. 17th October onwards income would rise substantially now. Gains would rise to your satisfaction as the month draws to a close. You will find company of friends very happy too, now.


High income, good social life and general comforts would be present as the month begins. Company of friends would be very enriching too. A new source of income could come about too. 16th November, a dip in finances would be felt. Income could slow down and expenses would rise. You need to be careful about losses & wasteful expenses. Travel should be planned with caution as you could travel in vain & lose expenses too.


Month could begin with low energy & stamina as well as pressure on finances. Chances of loss exist at the beginning of the month & so you need to remain prudent in matters of finances. A recovery would come about after 16th December. You will gain control over health as well as expenses. You could be prone to ego & looking down upon others. An effort towards spirituality would help now.


  1. Donate yellow sweets, cloth and saffron to temple on Thursdays.
  • Suggestion: 
  • Avoid useless arguments. Avoid psychological and physical stress.
  • Auspicious color(s): Red, Yellow, and Orange

We hope and wish that you will make the best out of this year.