Virgo Horoscope 2017

Though the year may not appear to be much positive in the beginning, but you can expect this year to get much rewarding in the second half and towards the end of the year. First half of the year could be a little demanding, but improvements would come about thereafter. Marriage related matters and domestic problems could keep you bothered in the first half of the year but have patience, as things would improve as the year progresses and domestic bliss will be back eventually. Your longing to get showers of financial gains would be met after September when Jupiter and Rahu, the dragon's head change signs. You would have substantial jump in the finances. There will be a significant increase in income. The path to happiness may not be too smooth this year, thus be prepared for occasional vicissitudes. Identify your weaknesses and work upon them to expect some relief and make this year a rewarding adventure.

Work & Business

Working people will get increment and promotion on the basis of their skills. There are strong chances of getting success this month. Your relationship will stay positive with the colleagues. Also, your self-confidence will rise. Businessmen might have to face obstacles. Things will improve gradually in business. You will work a lot, but results wonít be up to the satisfaction. But, you must keep trying without taking stress. You must stay alert in the financial matters. Avoid trying your luck in share market and betting. This may cause your money to get stuck for a longer duration of time. Decisions taken in haste may cause you serious financial losses. In the pursuit of making fast money, avoid taking shortcuts. Before making partnerships in any type of business, consider all the pros and cons. After the mid of the year, the ball will be in your court. Before that, investing into anything may not give you much profit. Some business related foreign trips are possible.


You will have to be exclusively cautious in the financial matters because expenditures might be higher than the income. The source of income will stay intact and your daily income wonít get hampered. But, money will flow at a very slow pace. If you have given money to someone, there are very less chances of getting it back. Donít expect a sudden financial benefit. You will stay excited to buy more expensive and luxurious items. But, donít waste your money; otherwise you may have to face the financial crisis.


This is the time for students to work hard. Your progress will be slow in studies. Due to one reason or another, you wonít be able to concentrate on studies much. In this time, mental distraction will trouble you. If you are taking a higher education, stay alert while taking any important decision. Students taking higher education may face difficulties in taking big decisions. Health may suffer due to Shani Dhaiya (2 and half years of Saturn) and this may distract you from studies. Students preparing for government job or competitive exams will move ahead with a fast pace.


2017 may stay a bit stressful for the married life. You need to focus seriously on your behavior; otherwise a bitterness may develop in the relationship. Health of your father or someone elder may become the major reason of your stress. You may have a heated argument with a person in need, your mind may stay in confusion due to the weird thoughts. Even on social level, you will have to be a bit alert; otherwise some awkward situation may turn up. Shopping of some pretty things is possible to enhance the interiors of home. But, it will be great if you avoid unimportant expenditure. In this time, you will participate in religious activities, rituals, social work, etc. Your trust might be broken by someone trustworthy, so be alert.



You will live your life on your own terms and will take less interest in relationships, as compared to past. Love life of some people may take a beautiful turn all of a sudden. You need to stay alert a bit. Donít give more importance to the logics than emotions. It will be great if you donít propose anyone before thinking properly. Donít doubt your partner. Spending less time with each other may disturb your relationship with the lover. Try to be on the same pace with each other. Donít blame each other continuously and face all the situations together.


 This time is not much interesting for the matters related to health. You may fall ill due to some seasonal diseases. Long term diseases wonít go away easily, which may cause you trouble in getting the treatment done. Also, there are chances of sudden injuries. You may also become insomniac. Keep your anger in control, otherwise mental stress may increase. Be alert while driving and working with the machines. To stay refreshed, plan trips. If you get connected with the Yoga and meditation, you may feel a new energy in you.


Any journeys planned during the month would turn out fruitful and fulfilling. There is a chance of a short vacation. This month, you might not share a cordial relationship with siblings. Problems may also persist with other family members after 14th January. Planets would help you in real estate matters though. You are likely to have an enjoyable time and may even buy something valuable at the end of the month.


This is a marking period for your mother. You might also relocate this month. Strong possibility of buying a new property or car exists in your horoscope, especially as the month starts. Health problems may strike and relationship with children may get strained too after 12th February. You might have to face some stomach related problems this month and as the month ends, ego may increase too, leading to problems.


Self-interest and aggression are likely to shoot up in your behavior as March begins. You might learn something new from sources abroad and it is likely to add value to your life. You may however encounter problems related to face or stomach. Respite could be expected after 14th March when you would observe substantial progress due to own efforts. Progress at work would be satisfactory too.


April would greet you with many opportunities to step up in your career. You are in control of work life and would move towards success on account of hard work. Progress would be there on the health scale too. However, you self-centeredness could create issues with partner after 14th April. This month, you might travel for business expansion. You would observe more opposition to your opinions than before as April ends.


Opposition and criticism would be there from the authority as the month begins. Any deals and agreements from overseas would bring good rewards. Spouse may be quite stubborn and demanding this month and your ego would only make things difficult in married life. Health complications are also possible after 14th May. Overall, challenges would increase in life, as luck may not help you much. During the 2nd half of the month, it would be better to not take up any new responsibilities or make promises.


You might experience a fall in energy as June begins. It would be better to avoid strenuous work. You are likely to benefit from unpredictable sources but do not expect June to be an entirely smooth month. Government/tax related problems are likely to block your way. After 15th June, improvement in luck would be there. At the end of June, a sudden trip could take place but it would be fulfilling. You may also feel driven towards spirituality as the month closes.


Planets would back you throughout this month. Some fruitful and fun trips could take place in July. You should take part in virtuous deeds in order to find peace. Sharp rise in career would be there after 16th July 2017. Your position at work and overall status would also grow exponentially this month. 


Career progress is on the horizon during August too. A lot of growth in personal and professional matters would be there. You might get a new assignment at work or may land a promotion you have been looking for. Your salary would also increase after 17th August. There would be ample profit towards the end of the month. You would enjoy a lot with your friends in August.


Better income and social life would help you carve a comfortable life for yourself as the month begins. Your social circle would turn out to be valuable & inspiring. You might find out new means of earning too. After 17th September, problems in money matters may disturb the steadiness. Drop in income along with rising expenses could trouble you. If there is a travel coming up this month, plan carefully to avoid any huge spending and losses.


As the month begins, you might feel exhausted and low on energy. Financial problems may also crop up. Caution is advised in the beginning of the month or you might incur a loss. A better phase would roll in after 17th October. There would be a lot of relief in heath and financial matters. However, you might become self-interested this month and may think too high of yourself. To be at ease with yourself, efforts should be made towards spirituality.


You seem to be preoccupied with your own life and status. In fact, you are too concerned about what others think of you. November is a busy period due to recurrent travels. A positive development could occur from foreign sources. From 16th November  onwards, finance, tax/ government and family would require more of your attention. Better luck in finances would be observed eventually as the month winds up. You should however ditch bossiness and arrogance.


You are on an ego trip, which might affect your communication. In fact, you donít mind stepping on others toes to quicken your journey to success. Finances seem to keep you occupied throughout. A new wave of energy and liveliness would make way into your life after 16th December. However, issues related to mouth or face may hold you back. Opportunities from foreign sources would be there. Moreover, your business associations would also benefit you, especially those made abroad. 


  1. Offer Laddoos and saffron on Wednesdays in the temple.
  • Suggestion: 
  • You get panicked due to the problems quite easily, avoid being into any argument.
  • Auspicious number(s): 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, and 50
  • Auspicious color(s): Green and Cream

We hope and wish that you will make the best out of this year.