Prediction For Dec.  2016 Libra

Name Initial :Ra, Ree, Ru, Re, Ta, Tee, Tu, Te

General Prediction

There shall be some struggle for you in the first half of the month. You won't be able to solve your problems completely. There shall be substantial decrease in your obstacles in the latter half of the month. Try to abstain from the conspiracies of a enemies. Don't trust people blindly.


Be cautious about health and abstain from negative thinking and keep your -self occupied in one or the other activity.

Wealth and Property

decision in this connection patiently.

Work and Profession

There shall be probability of problems on personnel life. In future you shall be happy after sorting out the troubles and there shall be stronger possibilities of earning gains in business.

Love and Relations

The difficulties of love relationship shall get reduced substantially. Do not get carried away if others misguide you.

Matrimonial Relations

There shall be mutual harmony, cooperation and affection between husband and wife.


Donate Unsalted no shell Pishtachios.

Health Problems

7, 15, 16, 24, 25