Prediction For Dec.  2016 Sagittarius

Name Initial   Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhee, Bhu, Dha, Pha, Dha, Bhe

General Predictions

This month shall bring mixed result for you. You shall to struggle harder in the first half of the month. Do not let your difficulties increase. The latter half of the month shall create favourable situations for the accomplishment of your tasks.


Be extra cautious about your health. You shall be worried about health related troubles which would affect your important work too.

Wealth and Property

There shall be great indications of financial burdens. There shall be increase in expenses. You might plan to buy new property, land, vehicle etc. and cooperation of close friends in these matters can be expected. Do not take decision in this connection in a hurry.

Work and Profession

There shall be probabilities of transfer. Those doing business are advised to work in a systematic and well planned manner. Work hard and intelligently and create a positive outlook for becoming more successful in professional life.

Love and Relations

There shall be some bitterness in your relationship. The intensity of emotional attachment might decrease substantially.

Matrimonial Relations

Husband and wife should become more responsible, dutiful and dedicated towards each other. Work hard for creating an atmosphere of peace and happiness at home.


Donate copper utensil filled with pennies on Saturday.

Health Problems

8, 10, 26, 28