Prediction For Mar 2012 Ė Virgo

Name Initial To, Pa, Pee, Poo, Sha, Na, Tha, Pe, Po

1st to 7th March: Despite the sign lord being debilitated, the Moon in 9th may give you a chance of promotion.  But act coolly else you may commit a silly mistake.  Success in the government related jobs on 1st with your hard work getting duly rewarded.  Donít borrow any money from anyone.  Else youíll face much problem in repaying it.  Between 2nd and 4th through negotiations youíll like to resolve every issue that you face.  Between 3rd and 4th Saturn will shower its grace upon you.  Visit the Saturn-Temple.  By Lord Ganeshís favor youíll have your logical power quite perfect.  Between 5th and 6th youíll contact someone in high places.  Your capacity will achieve something spectacular during this phase.  On the 7th the due money may be held back.  A third partyís presence may strain your conjugal relations with your partner and you may have misunderstandings.  
8th to 15th March:  Loss in business on 8th.  Be careful in buying anything, else you may be cheated.  Things will be better between 9th and 10th.  Your sharp brain and intelligence will help you progress speedily.  May explores new avenues in the work field property related matters may also interest you.  Be careful about your policies between 11th and 12th, else you may lose a big order or contract or it may be cancelled.  Between 13th and 14th your performance in the service will be much better you may get good employment opportunities.  However, on 15th a fresh investment may go down the drain.  Seek your mentor (Guruís) advice and blessings for recovery. 

16th to 23rd March:  Between 16th and 17th a lapse in your office may make you the target of admonition.  Lack of self control and confidence is making your path of progress increasingly difficult owing chiefly to Sade Satiís adverse effect.  Expenses would unsettle your budget.  Some govt. related problem may land you into trouble. Between 18th and 19th guests may drop in. Owing to their arrival your plan enjoying your holdings may go haywire.  Between 20th and 21st your relation s with someone may become cause of some controversy.  Stay away from selfish and cunning relations.  You may indulge in your favorite hobbies.  Love-relations success is indicated.  Between 22nd and 23rd you may remain much busy in financial activities. May you received good news from all around.  Youíll enjoy at this juncture the risky ventures.  Parents and senior family relations health will improve.

24th to 31st March:  Between 24th & 26th you may get money but it wonít stay with you owing to mounting expenses.  The Moon in 8th may expose your lie.  Keep a check on your expenses, else you may have to borrow.  Professionally some big deal may slip from your hand.  On 27th your mental horizon would be widened.  Youíll deals with things in a more down to earth manner.  Socializing will keep you quite busy upto 29th.  Between 30th and 31st March closing activities may keep you very busy like updating your bank account, paying taxes and insurance premium etc.  Your sociable nature will be widely recognized.


Suggested Remedies

Offer Besan  in temple on Thursday.


Prediction for Dec. 2016 Virgo

Name Initials: Pee, To, Sha, Na, Tha, Pe, Po

General Predictions

This month shall be generally auspicious for you. The pace of progress shall be slow. There shall be indications of getting auspicious results in future by bringing few positive changes in your mode of working. Your adversaries might try to take advantage of your weak points.


Be cautious about health and take proper rest and manage your daily schedule intelligently. Health problems are not indicated.

Wealth and Property

Take decisions about financial matters by considering your situations as quick decisions might land you into the probability of financial losses. Don't be emotional and try to get quick decision for your disputes related to property.

Work and Profession

Those doing business are advised to bring positive changes in their approach towards marketing and business and those in job should enhance their working efficiency.

Love and Relations

The situation of dilemma can create some tension in love relationship.

Matrimonial Relations

There shall be problem of difference of opinion between husband and wife on account of domestic issues. Be sensible in your behaviour and abstain from anger.


Donate seven grains and white sugar on Saturday.

Health Problems

3, 11, 19, 20, 30