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          Shri Guruvehyo Devebhyo Namah

King Moon                                                                           Minister Saturn


                                                            Global Predictions

        Price increases expected in diesel, oil and petrol.

        Numerous countries will face the onslaught of infectious diseases.

        Nepal will struggle with a change of government

        India will experience further financial growth and succeed in several scientific fields inspiring new inventions.

        Since Saturn occupies ministerial positions, people will abstain from righteousness and terrorism will rear its head again.

        Space research will be successful all over the world.

        This year will be witness huge increases in the industrial use of iron and iron ore.

        Religious scholars as well as learned men and women will suffer disrespect in their communities.

        Unrighteous, deceitful, malicious, guile, and unsocial elements will be respected and the undeserving will be worshiped. There will be a profusion of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods dangerous droughts, fires, explosions, causing enormous loss to life and property.

        The rise of unscrupulous ways will also induce murders of ladies and babies.

        Islamic countries will unite to confront America creating the threat of a war-like situation all over the world.

  • Western nations will suspect and will try to defame each other.
  • The threat of terrorism will be at its peak
  • Accumulation of lethal weapons will increase.
  • Most nations will experience civil war-like conditions or internal disturbances and a general level of tension will pervade the global community.
  • Price-hike in essential commodities will cause unrest.
  • Peace talks between India and Pakistan will be superficial and unproductive.
  • There is a serious threat to the lives of two eminent scientists and three world leaders.
  • China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, and Indonesia will suffer heavy death tolls and loss of property due to seven or eight destructive earthquakes
  • There will be seven large scale air-crashes
  • Incessant rains, unbearable heat, storms in the oceans, train accidents, fires and other social and political disturbances will cause losses of life and property.
  • In addition to the change of the President India, there is likelihood of change of the Prime Minister too, as per their planetary positions.
  • The Indian Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh will resign from his post by July.
  • All illegal immigrants living in America will have a sigh of relief due to some changes in immigration laws.
  • President Bush has to be very careful about his personal security and protect his self-respect and reputation.
  • Real-estate prices will fall in America and there will be considerable price hike of essential consumer goods.




Predictions for India


        This year will be full of challenges for Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh

        The Kashmir and Ayodhaya issues will heat up once again.

        Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh will attract new developments leading to new horizons of progress.

        Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will once again have an opportunity to become the Prime Minister of India.

  • There is likelihood of Dr. Karan Singh becoming the President of India.
  • There are chances of General Musharraf being removed as President.
  • B.J.P can suffer a massive defeat in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Manipur elections.
  • Captain Amrinder Singh will be re-elected as the Chief Minister of Punjab.
  • Shri Harish Rawat may become Chief Minister of Uttranchal.
  • Mulayam Singh Yadav will be deprived of his political position. Chaudhary Ajit Singh can be elected as the Chief-Minister.
  • Shri Narayan Datt Tiwari may acquire a high and respectable position in politics.
  • B.J.P will not return to power for another 10-15 years.
  • Delhiís crowded areas will again resonate with bomb-blasts.
  • Four world leaders will die in plane-crashes. Their names begin with the letters Ch, H, S, and A. This possibility seems to occur in the months of March, June, September, and/or December.
  • America will have more air-crashes this year and Indian air force is also likely to face serious danger.
  • Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Orissa will be especially affected due to scanty rains, resulting in acute drought.
  • Maharashtra, Uttarpradesh, Assam and Gujarat will suffer floods due to torrential rains.
  • Chief minister of Kashmir Shri Gulam Nabi Azad should be especially vigilant about his security, because he can be attacked while addressing a public meeting with a gun or bomb blast.
  • This is not a good year for former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Members from his own party will oppose him and try to defame him. The party will come to the verge of breaking up.
  • Rahul Gandhi will acquire an important position in Indian and U.P politics. He will try to introduce valuable improvement in the political system of Uttar Pradesh, but he should be careful about his security. Despite gain in popularity, he can also be faced with controversy.
  • Special plans and projects will be created for women.



Delhi:   At the beginning of the year, the Government will seem to be running smoothly but towards the middle of June and July; the situation will become very unstable. The Chief Minister will face opposition from her own party members. Water and electric shortages will continue. There will many conflicts with the neighboring states. Dangerous fires, road accidents and bomb-blasts will shake the city. The Chief Minister will not be able to address the public-demands and problems.


Uttar Pradesh: There are chances of change of government in Uttar Pradesh. Time is not good for Mulayam Singh. Chaudhry Ajit Singh will be an effective and also be a prospective candidate for the Chief Minister ship. The Ram-Janam-Bhoomi case will be reignited. Many political problems will arise. No party will win the majority. Natural calamities will add fuel to the fire. Electricity shortages will be another big problem.


Haryana: Time is hard for the Chief Minister but the opposition will not be able to succeed. New industries will establish in the state. The government will remain in an unstable condition and be tension ridden. Unemployment and electricity shortages will be the main problems.


Himachal Pradesh: Besides financial difficulties Himachal Pradesh will flourish by starting small-scale industries. Some parts of the state will face fires and other natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides and destruction of crops. Chief Minister Veer Bhadra Singh will face numerous obstacles and challenges.


Rajasthan: The polities of this royal state will encounter obstructions but not for a long period. East Rajasthan will get adequate rainfall but the rest of the state will suffer from drought. Progress will be made in the fields of education, agriculture and industries. The Chief Minister should try to escape from blemishes to his reputation.


Kashmir: The Kashmir problem is a complicated one and cannot be solved easily. Foreign infiltration and terrorism will increase. Natural disasters like heavy snow etc will disturb daily life. The Kashmir issue will cause serious problems for the Indian-political stalwarts. Several terrorists will surrender and large amounts of arms and ammunition will be recovered. The Chief Ministerís safety is a serious concern.


Bihar: Parliamentary problems will be resolved. Lalu Yadavís fame and honor will increase. Congress will not be able to establish itself in Bihar B.J.P will be fairly strong. Criminal activities will get a fresh jumpstart. Mine-blasts and earthquakes will cause serious damage to people and property. The overall progress of the state will decline due to political instability.

Maharashtra: Natural calamities will cause serious harm to life, prosperity and property of the state. Sharad Pawar will be able to re-establish his honor. Shivsena and B.J.P will gain political power. Corruption will increase in Government offices and three important officials will leave office Disturbances and riots will be common occurrences.


South Indian States: Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu-- Y.S. Reddy government will stay. Prices of essential consumer goods will rise. The Chief Ministerís health may cause concern. He will struggled to improve his political image. Jayalalitha will succeed in her election but will never get the majority. Three eminent scientists will be lost.


Bengal, Assam, Orissa, and Arunachal Pradesh Meghalaya: The northeastern provinces will suffer from some serious epidemic disease that will affect the politics also. Bengal will face very high prices. Storms will cause tremendous damage to life and property. Jyoti Basuís influence will increase. Two important people will meet with accidents. Gagoi Government will face danger and change in the Ministry. Orissa will have elections before him and the Janta Dal will make its major debut.