Shri VaradvinayakVaradvinayakVaradvinayak
Shri BaleshwarShri BaleshwarShri Baleshwar
(Shri Vighneshwar)
Shri ChintamaniShri ChintamaniShri
(Shri Mahaganapati-Ranjangaon)
(Shri Mahaganapati-Ranjangaon)
(Shri Mahaganapati-Ranjangaon)
(Shri Girijatmaj)(Shri
Meaning: The Vakratunda incarnation of Lord Ganeshji has all the elements of theBrahma Tattva in the entire body, he is the one who slayed
Matsarasura and his vehicle is the lion on which he is seated. One can see a number of forms of Lord Ganesha, which are explained in scriptures and
penance. Matsarasura was born because of the sheer negligence of Lord Indra. He learnt the Shiv Panchakshara mantra from the Guru of the
Demons Shukracharya and performed severe penance to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased by his severe penance and blessed him with
immortality. After he received the blessing he returned and Shukracharya made him the king of all the Demons. After this all the demons encouraged
Matsarasura to conquer the universe. Matsarasura successfully conquered the Bhulok, the Swargalok and the Patal Lok. He even threw Lord Indra out
from Swarga lok. All the gods finally went to Lord Shiva, who was meditating on the Kailash Mountain along with Brahma and Vishnu. When Shivji came
to know about the terror of Matsarasura, he severely criticised him. Listening to the criticism Matsarasura flared up and attacked Kailash and tied even
Lord Shiva by a strong noose. He himself started residing there and proclaimed himself the Lord of the Universe. All creatures were terrified by the
wrath of the demons.All the Gods were worried, the reason because they could not find a way out. At that time Lord Dattatraya appeared before them.
He gave all the gods Lord Ganesha’s Ekashara Mantra and told them to constantly recite it. All the gods started reciting the Mantra and worshipping
Lord Ganesha.After some time Lord Ganesha was pleased with their devotion and promised them that he would definitely slay Matsarasura.Ganeshji
then assumed the Vakratunda (the curved trunk) forms and surrounded the city of Matsarasura with innumerable Ganas. The war between them
started. Both the sons of Matsarasura, Sundar Priya and Vishay Priya were slain in the war. Seeing the Vakratunda form of Ganeshji Matsarasura's
heart pounded. He immediately surrended. Ganeshji forgave him and gave him a blessing of Vakratunda as devotion. He told him to go to Pataal Lok
and never to return back. Eventually all the gods were happy as they got their Swargalok back. Vakratunda blessed all the gods with his devotion. It is
situated in Taluka Haweli, District Pune.

Meaning : The Ekdanta incarnation of Lord Ganeshji has all the elements of the Brahma tattva in the entire body, he is the one who slayed Madasura,
his vehicle is the rat. The son of Maharshilhyawan Madasura was very strong and sturdy. He wanted to become the king of the universe and
encouraged by this thought he went to the Guru of Demons Shukracharya listening to his resolution Shukracharya was very pleased. He advised him
to recite the ‘hreem Beejashara mantra regularly. He performed severe penance and appeased Goddess Bhagwati. She blessed him that he would
become the king of Triloka , pleased with the blessing he first went and conquered the earth. After that he even attacked the Swargalok and
conquered it. Terrified by this they (All Gods) went to Sanat Kumar and asked for advice and help. Sanat Kumar advised them to worship regularly
Ekadanta Ganesh. All the Gods started worshipping Ekadanta Ganesh. Ekadanta Ganesh eventually was appeased by their devotion and told them
that he would find a way out. There in the city of Madasura, Narad Muni reached there and told Madasura that, "Ekadanta is coming to slay you".
Hearing this Madasura collected his army and prepared for war. Ekadanta appeared in the way itself. He was thoroughly armed with all types of
weapons and was seated on a rat. Ekadanta told the demons "Tell your king to stop harassing the Gods otherwise I shall slay him ." Madasura
remained adamant. He got ready to fight. No sooner had he removed his bow and arrow, and was about to aim it at Ekadanta, Ekadanta attacked him
with an axe. Madasura was hurt and fell unconscious. When he gained consciousness he realized that he was no match for Ekadanta. He surrendered
in front of Ekadanta and returned Swargalok to the gods and seeking the blessing of Ekadanta he returned to Pataal lok and started leading a
peaceful life. Ekadanta ordered him not to go to wherever his people & devotees were. All gods were elated and they worshipped Ekadanta. That is
the reason why Ekadanta seated over the rat, is prayed and worshipped for auspiciousness and elimination of all hurdles and obstacles. He is situated
in Taluka Kajrat, District Nagar.

The Lambodara incarnation of Lord Ganesha is Satya Swaroop i.e. (embodiment of truth himself) and is the possessor of Shakti Brahma his vehicle is
the rat. Amongst the few disciples of Shukaracharya , Guru of the Demons, was Krodhasura who was mighty as well as valiant. One day Krodhasura
told Shukracharya Sir, I want to become the king of this Trilok , kindly guide me. Listening to this Shukaracharya was very happy. He gave the Surya
Mantra to recite. Krodhasura practiced severe austerities and penance and pleased the Sun God. He asked him to bless him with immortality and to
bless him so that he wins over the Trilok. The Sun God blessed him accordingly. He turned to his Guru and Guru Shukracharya appointed him as the
king of all the Asuras. After this, alike other Asuras, Krodhasura collected an army and conquered the earth. After that he attacked the Swarga loka
and the Surya Loka. Even Surya i.e. the Sun God was helpless and deserted Surya loka. After this all the Gods started worshipping Lord Ganesha.
Lambodara an incarnation of Ganesh assumed form and blessed them. He also defeated Krodhasura by engaging him in war. Krodhasura fell on
Lambodaras feet and asked for forgiveness. The Lord forgave and told him to go to Pataal Lok and never to return. All the Gods were elated and they
started singing the glories of Lord Lambodara.It is situated in Taluka Sudhagad District Raigad.

Meaning:- Vighnaraj the incarnation of Lord Ganesha is himself Brahma Swarup (form embodiment of Brahma), his vehicle is the serpent and he is the
one who slayed mamtasura.
One day Goddess Parvati was talking and chatting with her friends when incidentally she laughed and immediately, a man came into existence,
Gradually this man assumed the form of a huge giant. Parvati named him Mamtasura and told him to worship Lord Vighnesh. She also gave him the
Shadakshara Mantra (Vakratundaya hum). Mamtasura thanked Parvati and went to practice severe penance and austerities. Unfortunately, he met
Shamborasurawho taught Mamtasura all the Ascetic knowledge. After learning all these things he went to practise penance successful in pleasing Lord
Vighnesha and took a boon of conquering the entire Trilok from him. Mamtasura firstly put all these Gods in prison and then he even conquered Lord
Vishnu and Shiva. Mamtasutra married the daughter of Shambarasura and started leading a happy life. All the gods were very sad at this but started
worshipping Lord Vighnesha. Lord Vighnesha was pleased with their devotion, and blessed them. Vighneshwar sent Narad Muni to Mamtasura and
Narad Muni told Mantasura to stop harassing and inflicting pain on the innocent and to surrender to Vighneshwar but mamtasura had turned adamant.
He refused to accept the proposal. He could not even reconcile where his Guru Shukaracharya tried to convince him. On this Lord Vighnesh became
very angry and sent his Kamal Pushpa on the army of Mamtasura. The entire army became unconscious because of the sonorific characteristic of the
Kamal Pushpa. Seeing this Mamtasura became frightened. He fell on Vighneshwar’s feet and begged for forgiveness. Compassionate Vighnesh
blessed and forgave all his sins. He ordered him to got to Pataal Lok and never to return.All the Gods started singing the praised of Lord Vighnesha.
This idol of Ganesha situated in Taluka Jannar, District Pune.


Meaning:- The incarnation of Lord Ganesh,Gajanan is the form of Sankhya Brahmatattva. He is the one who fulfills all boons especially of the followers
of Sankhya. He is the one who had slayed Lobhasura and his vehicle is the rat.One day the treasurer of the Gods Lord Kuber went to Kailash to seek
blessing of Lord Shiva. There he went and met both Shiva and Parvati.There he was enticed by Parvati's beauty and started staring at her. Looking at
this, Parvati became angry and seeing this Lord Kuber got scared.At that minute Kuber was transformed into the mighty Lobhasura. Lobhasura went
to Shukracharya and accepted his tutelage. He took the Panchakashara mantra (Aum Namaha Shivaya) and practised severe penance. Eventually
Lord Shiva was pleased with him and blessed him with immortality.This time he had turned blind because of ego and challenged Lord Shiva to engage
a war with him or leave Kailash and go away. Shivji remembered the blessing given to Lobhasura and he abandoned Kailash. As a result, Lobhasura
became more cruel and wicked and started inflicting pain on the weak and the innocent, and this is how anarchy prevailed.The Gods were very
unhappy because of all this.The Sages Saints were also badly harassed. It was at this time when Raibhya Muni advised all the Gods to worship
Gajanan. All the Gods and Sages did accordingly and very soon Lord Gajanan was pleased with their devotion. He assured them that they would be
unharmed.Gajanan sent Lord Shiva alone to Lobhasura. Lord Shiva told Lobhasura to accept the amnesty given by Lord Gajanan and to surrender
unconditionally otherwise he would meet his end instantly. Guru Shukracharya gauged the situation and warned Lobhasura. He then advised
Lobhasura to surrender.Listening to this Lobhasura got scared and accepted to surrender. He repented in front of Lord Gajanan and asked for
forgiveness. He accepted to return Swarga loka to the Gods. Gajanan blessed him and ordered him to go back to Pataaloka, never to return.All the
Gods were elated and started singing the praises of Gajanan.It is situated in Taluka Shirur, District Pune.

Meaning:-Vikat Ganesh ,this incarnation of Lord Ganesha slayed the demon named Kamasura. He is seated on a peacock and possessor of the Saur
When Lord Vishnu had gone to Vrinda for penance to defeat Jaalandhar at that time because of his semen Kamasura was created. Kamasura went to
the Guru of all Demons Shukraharya and took the Shiva Panchaskhara (AUM NAMAHA SHVAYA||) mantra and went to the forest to practice severe
penance in order to please Lord Shiva. After severe penance he managed to please Lord Shiva who asked him to ask for a boon. He asked Shiva to
make him immortal and make him the king of the Triloka. He returned to his Guru and then Guru Shukracharya made him the king of all the Asuras
(Demons). He established a wonderful city and the capital was Sundar Ratida . He appointed Ravana, Samvas, Mahesh, Bali, and Durmad as the
commander of the army. He first brought the entire earth under his dominion and after this attacked Swargaloka and took control of it. All the people
and creatures came under his domination. This gave rise to anarchy all over. All the Gods, hermits Sages were mercilessly harassed and all then
sacrificial attains etc were ruined. All the Gods and the hermits started praying to Lord Ganesha, on being inspired by Maharishi Mudgal. All the Gods
hermits went to place known as Mayuresh (Morgaon) and started praying and worshipping Lord Ganesha with mind, heart and soul. Seeing their
devotion Ganeshji was pleased and blessed them. Accordingly he collected all the Gods and surrounded the city of Kamasura. After that he engaged
Kamasura in a ferocious battle. Both the sons of Kamasura Shoshan and Dushan were killed in the battle. Kamasura threw a mace on Ganesha which
fell on the ground. He himself lost control and consciousness. When he regained consciousness he realised that he is no match for Ganesha. Seeing
the Vikat Ganesha embodiment and also his warning Kamasura became scared and accepted to surrender unconditionally. The Lord was pleased with
the act and forgave him. All the gods started rejoicing and started singing the praises of Vikat Ganesha, It is situated in Taluka Purandar, District
Pune. As this incarnation of Lord Ganesh appeared on a peacock, it has been named Mayureshwar.


Meaning:- Dhoomravarna this incarnation of Lord Ganesha slayed Abhimanasura. He is Shivbramha himself and his vehicle is the Mouse.

One day Brahmaji conferred upon the Sun God the name of Karmadhyakesha. On getting and assuring powers he became an egoist and at that time
he sneezed. Thus with the result of this sneeze Ahantasura was born.
He went to the Guru of all demons named Shukhracharya and taking the Ganesha Mantra he practiced penance for thousands of years. Seeing his
faith and penance Ganesha appeared before him and blessed him. He asked a boon so that he could dominate over the Trilok and be invincible,
inconquerable.He returned to his Guru and Shukracharya appointed him as king of the Asuras.He married the daughter of Pramadasura and started
leading a happy life.
After consulting his Guru and his army he got out to conquer the world. He with his might and blessings acquired total control over the Triloka. All the
Sages, gods as a result hid in the mountain caves and forests. There was anarchy all over and all the religious activities were stopped.
The helpless Gods consulted Lord Vishnu and Shiva and on their advise started worshipping Lord Ganesha. After one thousand year of penance Lord
Ganesha was pleased and blessed them. Lord Ganesha maintained himself in form of Dhoomravarna . The Lord sent Narad Muni as a messenger to
Ahantasura . Narad advised him to give up all these sinful deeds but Ahantasura was not ready to do so.
Seeing the obstinate nature of Ahantasura Dhoomravarna became angry and threw his Ugrapash (noose) on the army of Ahantasura. As a result the
entire army perished. Helpless Ahantasura went to consult Shukracharya who in turn advised him to surrender before Dhoomravarna. Ahantasura
accepted to the advice and fell on Dhoomravarna’s feet and asked for forgiveness. Dhoomravarna forgave him and told him to return to Pataal Loka
and never to return. Wherever I have my devottes and followers you shall not go. Ahantasura accepted the orders and went away.
All the Gods were elated and started singing praises of the Lord. It is situated in Taluka Junnar, District Pune.