Varsh Phal 2006



You are in the first zodiac sigh. You are motivated in your work as normal. In the beginning of the year, whatever you are planning for a new business or a job will open the door for progress for the future. This year you will have be careful in the social and business circles, otherwise  you will get defamed. Your relatives and friends will also be against you. At the beginning of the year January your parents health will not be good .In the first quarter April and May you will be promoted in your job as well as your business. You will gain a lot of respect in the social and business society. You should be careful about your health, especially stomach, eyes, headache and feet related disease. In this year you will travel a lot. In the middle of the year your situation improves. In October you have to be very careful while driving. There will be some chances of a car accident. If you are facing some immigration problems you will receive some good news. If you are also awaiting results from the immigration results will be in your favor. however these results may be a little late. April and may months will be your best months of the year. Your wife and children will not be helpful to you. At times they will be good and other times they will annoy you. After October due to the location of  Mars  pending work you are expecting to accomplish for a long time will be complete.   

Remedy: Hanuman ji prayer will be very helpful. Do shani prayers. Donate Mars and Saturn Rahu related stuff or contact Guruji at 718-479-3513 for more remedies.



Mother Kali says this year will start you good news. Promotions in job, progress in business. You will obtain more respect in society as well as your business. This year is good to buy and sell properties. In this year you will obtain more auspicious news than inauspicious news. You can obtain success if you have any court cases. Avoid bad company such as friends. Control your tongue and expenses. July month will bring you a lot of happiness. This year your wife and children will give you tension. Your parents health will be normal. You need to trust in God. There will be an increase in your health problems such as; gas, diabetes, headache, high blood pressure. Pressure related disease will increase in your body. Be careful in discussing important matters.  At the end of the year Saturn will cause money loses. There will be fights with you against your own relatives and friends. However your enemies will destroy themselves. Your relations with people will be good. Due to some secret health disease there will be mental tension. In the new year you will spend money on new cars and luxury items. You will meet people of high profile. Obstructed gains will flow.

Remedy: Mata laxmi prayer is recommended.




 This year your troubles will be enormous. Your mind will always be upset. There will be physical ailments, financial loses, bad relations with relatives. There will be unnecessary running about without any positive results There may be chances in changing residents or firing from the jobs .It will be difficult to make both ends meet. Some relief will occur between July to October. Business will improve. You will obtain support from your  family and friends. Health and financial situation will improve. After October second, physical ailments and unknown worries will again surround you. Expenditure will also increase. Tension in your mind will be caused by family thoughts and opinions.

Remedy: Durga Saptashati Path will be beneficial for domestic problems. Shani or Shri Hanuman Upanasa is recommended for gains in business. Donate ( Chhayadan ) in a temple every Saturday.



The whole year will be spent in problems caused due to shani. All of your work will be obstructed. Unnecessary traveling, useless hard work and struggle will produce no results. Stay away from criminal activities. Parents health is a matter of concern. Children and wife will not be supportive as you wish. Some physical ailments such as; acidity, gastritis depression will cause tension. There will be interference in your wife health. October second to end of the year your business prospects will improve. Chances of financial gains and progress will occur. Domestic atmosphere will be happy and cheerful.

Remedy: Shani Pooja will especially be beneficial. Hawan or Yagya dedicated to Shri Ganesh will help in ridding most of  the difficulties. Call Guruji at 718-479-3513 for more information.



At the beginning of the year will be good. You will obtain success in winning over your difficulties. Business will be good at the beginning of the year. There will be obstacles in your way of planned activities. This requires very hard work for success. In the first quarter of the year you will obtain chances to earn money. You will socialize with high profile people which will be beneficial to you. In the middle of the year you will face a lot of struggle in your business as well as family matters. Your relationship with others will improve. Your health will be normal except, headache, few minor body aches or allergies. Your parents will get sick, this will cause mental tension. If you have work related with the government the will be obstacles and hardship to get it done. You should take interests in religion and religious work due to the difficulties you have faced. At the end of the year you will face more problems such as; loses in business, argument with relatives and friends, they can cheat on you. Be careful with your house or business place, there can be chances of robbery. August and September will be good for you. Immigration related work pending will be solved in your favor. 

Remedy: Lord Shiva’s prayer will benefit to improve your condition or call Guruji at 718-479-3513.



This year will start you with happiness and good news. You will benefit in your job business. Your health will be normal at the beginning of the month. This year brings you some dynamic changes in you and the lack of security will come with change. You have felt insecure and unsafe. You will see dramatic radical changes this year by your own efforts. This could be a year of daring drama, this will be new experiences for you. You will cast aside the old and bring in the new, all will be unpredictable. Success is yours but will have major changes. The power of thoughts, attitudes, behavior will improve your life’s results. This will help in making consciously better decisions and choices in the focus of your social life. You can simply decide to do a major overhaul and could simply discard those that are no longer beneficial. There will be a time of new beginning and they will come to you in flashes. There will be ups and downs in your relationship this year. Towards the end of the year you can be seen as going backwards and rekindling a relationship from the past. Your career can be abrupt. You can have a whole new world of work of  your own making. Even if you don’t change your career you will be busy and alert this year. This is a good time in your life for money and resources. This means to buy and sell assets and liabilities. You will attract money by the harvest of increased risk taken by an early fall. You will enjoy it. Stressful workload will start the year but you will make fast improvements to get your health in line in order to deal with it.

Remedy: Mother Durga Prayers will be beneficial or call Guruji at 718-479-3513.



This year will bring lots of creative and artistic responsibility. At the beginning of the year there will be some mental worries. However after there will be a feeling of joy. This year you will take the burden of responsibility which will be successful. After February fifth your situation will improve. Your relationships will improve and you will feel a flow of positive energy within yourself. Contacts with famous people will increase to your benefit. In the middle of the year you will spend exurbently on buying a luxurious car and land property. There will be chances of being misunderstood among family members and relatives. This year your business activities will increase and you will be very busy. You will have to work hard to maintain your dignity and honor in society. Death of a near relative is possible in this year. Some auspicious work will keep you engaged. Health problems will increase due to gas, acidity, ingestion and depression. Your mind will be wondering but try to focus your attention and be stable. You will not get full support from your family. Unpredictable incidents will happen. It is very important to control your tongue this year.

Remedy: Feed black sesame seeds, wheat, flour and sugar to the ants. Call Guruji for more detailed information at 718-479-3513.



All works which were incomplete or obstructed last year will come to completion. How ever you will be worried without a reason. Business will progress. You will receive support from your friends. A long lasting problem will be solved this year. Beneficial journeys will happen. You will stay healthy this year. Health of your parents or family members will cause stress. A constant worry will overshadow your mind although everything will fall into place this year. There are chances of change in residence which will be beneficial. However be careful there can be chances of theft or fire in the house. Your relationships with your friends and relatives will remain stable. You should try to understand their feelings. There is a possibility of change of job or business this year. This will be beneficial. Your marital relationships will be compatible and supportive.

Remedy: Devi Upaasna will benefit you a lot. For more consultation call Guruji at 718-479-3513.



You will have to undergo vigorous physical labor to achieve respect and honor.There can be huge ups and downs in your business.

There may be chances of family feuds with brothers and close relatives. Anger and lethargy will occur this year and will not be good for profession and family. Loses which occurred last year will be positively compensated for this year. After February eleventh 2006 family problems will increase. You may have to change your job in the middle of the year. In the middle of the year your expenditure will exceed your income. In July and August there are chances of an accident or health problems. Do not start new ventures because there may be new obstacles in the way. An unpredictable condition will remain for sometime. Control your eating habits. Investments in stocks and shares will be harmful. Your wife and children will give you full support. Parents health will remain stable.

Remedy: Worshipping Hanumanji and Shani Daan will give some relief. Contact Guruji at 718-479-3513.



   This will be the best years of all the past ones. You will obtain relief from all court cases. They will be resolved in your favor. Your enemies will automatically defeated. This year will bring progress in financial and business fields. Foreign harvests are in the offering which will be beneficial. There may be plans of building a new house this year. If you are employed this is the time of getting a promotion. Due to Surya’s ( the sun ) position you may experience some mental tension. In the month of October and November there may be some obstructions in your business. This year is good for health and wealth. You will be involved in some auspicious work. Marital life will be happy and comfortable. There will be increase in your respect and fame. Beware of enemies in company of friends.

Remedies: Shiv Upaasna can really provide more happiness and bliss.



This year your resources of income will increase. You will receive many good news. Due to head disease and feet disease you will be worried. Your obstructions will be removed and all halted events will be accomplished. Your involvement and inclination in religious works will increase. Your Mother’s bad health will cause concern to you. You will receive negative attitude from your children. Besides ample sources of income you will still be worried about your income. There will be sweetness in relations. There may be chances of an accident in the month of October and November while driving or walking. Keep control over your speech this year. If not this can cause danger in your dignity and honor. Between April and August you will feel the flow of positive energy. This will be beneficial. In the month of January there are chances of wind fall and chances of conflict due to inherited property. At the end of the year you will gain desired profits but mental tension will remain the same.

Remedies: Shani Daan and Shani Prayer can improve your life. This will give you more happiness.



This year your expenses will exceed your income. Throughout the year you will experience financial constraints. There will be obstructions in your incomplete work. There is a chance of sudden gain or wealth due to lottery or stocks. You will receive good news from your spouse or children. There are chances of meeting a loved one. At the end of the year there will be unnecessary running around. Mental tension will surround you from all side. You will remain short tempered and angry. Interests in religious pursuits will increase. In the middle of the year you will experience ups and down in your career. You may suffer from hypertension and stomach diseases. Financial conditions will improve towards the end of the year. Be careful you may suffer from diabetes.

Remedies: Hanuman ji and Shiv Upaasna will be very beneficial. For more information call Guruji at 718-479-3513.


World Predicton for 2006

Goddess Mother and God Shankar says that in the year 2006 there will be political upheaval and natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, social crimes like looting and arson, accidents in the rail road in India and other countries of the world. People world wide will suffer greatly from all these natural and man-made disasters. There are chances of a mid-term pole in India. Countries of the world will try to crush the wave of terrorism, but it will be in vain. The relations between developed and developing countries will improve in the fields of trade and technology. This year the industries producing commodities of comfort, telephones, medicines, space craft, computers and means of producing ene- rgy, will experience enormous growth. There will be several new inventions and achievements in these fields. In the beginning of the year between January to March 2006, the prices of daily commodities will rise high. There are chances of a change in Government, and there will be violence and bomb blasts. Besides these there will be a chance of a sudden death of an important and high positioned leader is also in the offering. Between March and April serious challenging conditions will emerge for the leaders of Iraq, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, America, Nepal and India. Even the life of these leaders anyone of them is in danger during this time or there is a chance of  him or her being dethroned. In April through July the Muslim majority countries like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco, Turkestan etc will suffer from ethnic and religious conflicts, change of Government, revolutions, violence and bomb blasts etc. America, England, Australia and  many of the European countries will receive terrorist warnings from the terrorist groups, and some of these groups will actually becausing destructions. America, Nepal, England< Australia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will also experience flood situations, land slides, bomb-blasts, air-crash, etc, the racial and religious intolerance will be at the peak. Morality and righteousness will be surpass (go beyond the extent). Fanaticism and fundamentalism will increase, and it will cause serious damage to some religious places. There may be a very serious land or space accident, which will go into  history as a very gruesome incident. Countries of the Middle East and the bay of Arab will secretly start alienation against America and Britain. The piles of arms and ammunition will grow bigger and bigger, where as verbally they will be talking about peace efforts. At this time any war monger can do anything un-predictable. This year, vulgarity in films, plays, songs and dances will increase. People with dark and unrighteous nature will become popular(Tamasi Pravriti) political and social leaders will follow the appeasement policy, rather than being authoritative and will try to improve or correct them. Israel and Philistine will suffer from serious trouble. Pakistan, Syria and other Muslims countries will also be in dangerous situations. America, Britain, North India, southern India and Nepal will have to face a grim terrorist situations. American people will remain scared of terrorist attacks all through the year, but the government will try to create and try to create and establish the influence in Asian and European countries with new and changed foreign policies. America will not be successful in establishing normal relations with Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and other Arab countries. America will always try to play a double role between India and Pakistan but none of these two countries will trust America. Florida and Louisiana again will suffer from natural disasters, which will take a long time to bring the situation to normal. President Bush should be extra careful for the safety of his life. From May 2006 through October 2006, is the most difficult time for the President. This year America will try to entangle other countries into the arena by using the term “Fight Against Terrorism”. America will make new policies which will be very hard for the immigrants, or will drift the country towards war. The American government has to be extra careful to maintain the balance of power, otherwise the polarization of other countries can cause serious danger to world peace. The time between May to July 2006 and August 3rd to October 15th,

November 2nd through November 28th are very crucial for President Parvez Musharsaff. He will face a lot of trouble, political upheaval, defamation and degradation in his personal and social life. He should be extra careful regarding his life’s safety. From October 16th, 2006 through February 20th, 2007, the period of extreme hardship and treacherous. There will be life-threatening situation prevailing around him, and he will always be under lots of mental stress. Terrorism, fanaticism and violence will be the main cause of this turmoil. There are possibilities of a change in Government.


Other countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia will encounter situations of acute political turmoil. The fights based on religious intolerance will gain momentum and blood shed. Pakistan’s  involvement in terrorist attacks, explosions and bomb-blasts will tarnish Pakistan’s image very badly at an international level.


European countries will create several schemes and plans for international trade  and progress, but the European countries will also suffer from terrorism based on religion. Islamic countries will try to unite in the name of “Islamic Jehaad” which can take a very ugly turn. The time between Aug- ust 26th through November 28th will be very dangerous for the European countries. They might suf- fer the loss of a very important leader. Terrorism will cause a lot of damage to life and property in this region. Even natural calamities will join hand and human genocide to worsen the situation. After that very strict laws will be enacted against the terrorists organizations, they will seem to be laying low for sometime.

 INDIA IN 2006.

India will emerge as a very progressive and developed country in the international market. From January 17th to March 15th , the domestic platform will be very tormenting due to strikes, encounters, violence, terrorism and the death of an important political leader that can lead and change the Government. The leftists will be very aggressive and will keep creating hurdles in almost all the political issues. The coalition parties will always hang like a sword on the head of the ruling party, because no party will be in stable majority. People of India will suffer from sky rocketing price-hike of daily commodities, causing a lot of restlessness and discontentment among them. In the middle of the year political conflicts will create a nasty situations, and political leaders will encounter serious oppositions from each other. Such is the situation of the stars and their planets. Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,

Asam, West Bengal, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh will encounter agitations, arson, violence and bomb-blasts etc. In the month of September and October natural calamities like floods and clouds bursting etc will damage the crops and live-stock especially in Bihar, Orisa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, Himachal, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Asam. This year Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Asam and Kashmir will be the target of violent terrorist activities like bomb-blasts and explosions. The period between November 7th and January 11th 2007 is very in-auspicious for a political leader of eminence (high rank or high place).  There are chances of armed forces getting involved in battles by the borders. People can suffer from blood related diseases. Governments will pass through periods of struggle and chances of mid-term pole will emerge. The subjects will participate enthusiastically in religious endeavors, and the Army’s achievements will also be praise worthy. The scientists will also experience lots of progress in various scientific fields. Besides all the political and social upheaval and obstacles, the computer industry will do booming business. The telephone industry, small and medium scales industries, solar-energy, space-science etc will also experience lots of progress. India’s foreign policy will help in improving the relations with America, Russia, China, France, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, Iran, Japan, Italy and Britain in trade, political and cultural interactions. India will specially progress in the financial and industrial fields, but will experience a down fall in morality and vulgarity. The question of India’s permanent membership  in the security council will still remain un-resolved.




The leftist parties will try to create several obstacles in the progressive policies of Shri Man Mohan Singh, but due to his extreme wisdom, knowledge, deep thinking, honesty, farsighted and lofty values, he will stay clear of all the obstructions and will carry India to success and glory.


This year (2006) will bring lots of political turmoil for her, but she will be able to maintain law and order in the party. A troublesome  A troublesome journey resulting in physical pain for her and she will encounter problems in the congress party. She will have to strengthen her security. Her efforts to keep the congress party strong and united will certainly bring results.


Parliamentarians of the party will seem to split on some issues, causing a lot of trouble for the congress President, in the months of May through July.  If the government has to undergo a mid-term pole, even then the congress will win a respectable majority. Youth congress leaders will also gain popularity at national as well as international level.


The main leaders of BJP will have to face a lot of hardships to save their respect and dignity, international conflict in the party will weaken it. Lal Krishan Advani will be reluctant on resigning from the party President-ship, but he might have to give up the position eventually. There are chances of parting of a senior leader of the party forever. BJP will stay low until  November, but after that situations will start improving gradually.



Political crimes will increase. The year will be challenging for Mrs. Sheela Deekshit the Chief Minister of Delhi. Shortage of water and electricity will add to the problems. Water pollution and air pollution will create a health hazard for the people. Law and order situation will deteriorate further. Besides these corruption un-employment, price rise, non availabity of housing etc will create an atmosphere distrust towards the regional government. Terrorism, bomb blasts and other violent incidents will further add to the existing bad situation. Several international leaders and spiritual leaders will visit New Delhi which will help this territory to regain her prestige and popularity. The region will show special progress in the field of modernization, computer, technology, teleco- mmunication and housing projects.


The captain government will have to face many challenges. The state will suffer from power shortage, shortage of drinking water, rising prices of essential commodities, deteriorating law and order, broken roads and transportation means will put the government to a grounding situation. There are chances of re-shuffling the Ministry. State government will try to make some progress in agricultural equipment industry and computer technology. The situation will be more challenging after November 2006 for the state government.


Mr Chautala will keep striking against the state government. The environment will remain charged with political activities. New alienations will be formed to uproot the government. People will face problems in price- hike, corruption, discrimination favoritism etc causing discontentment among the public, but the state will show considerable progress in agricultural, agriculture ranching and other schemes for the benefit of the society. The state government will have to make special efforts to maintain the religious tolerance among people of different cast, creed, faith and religions.


The BJP government of Rajasthaan will face serious challenges of un-employment, shortage of drinking water, irrigation facilities and other matters related to farmers and a small scale and cottage industries. Political instability, racial and religious controversies may take an ugly turn into violence and arson which may seriously affect the prestige and progress of the state.


RAM Janam Bhoomi issue will be ignited again affecting the environment of Kashi and Mathura. Housing development projects will be considerably delayed. BJP will emerge as a strong political party, but the coalition government will stay in the ruling position. There strong will conflict between socialist leaders and opposition party resulting in serious problem for both of them. Law and order situation will deteriorate. Selfish polities, immoral values will be bad all the time. Natural calamities like excessive rains, floods and epidemics etc will further spoil the situation. Religious intolerance will arise in public anger.


Political and social crimes will dominate the scene this year, besides natural disasters like floods, rains which will add fuel to the fire. People will suffer immensely from violence, religious discrimination, murders and other criminal activities. Popularity of Lalu Yadav will be reduced. Thefts, strikes, bank robberies etc will tarnish the image of the political leaders. The state will pass through political, social and financial instability. Leaders will try to create new alienations for their personal benefit or for political vendetta.

KASHMIR: Some improvement in political situation will Some improvement in political situation will occur, but under the current religious and political intolerance will prevail. The youth will be mislead to terrorist activities in the name of religion and patriotism, merely for their ugly personal motives of

the fanatic leaders. The Army will be helpful but the border conflict will remain as it is. Snow blizzards, land slides etc. will cause a lot of damage to life and property. The state will show some progress in the fields of education, trade and tourism. Towards the end of the year 2006, there will be acute political instability. The anti-social elements will raise their head and once again the valley will Vail under the terrorists atrocities. Government will steer its way through all this turmoil towards some progress in farming, forestry, electricity, drinking water, tele communication, computer industry and other technical fields. Rehabilitation of displaced Hindus will stay frozen. The government will not show any inclination towards that issue.