Shri Krishna Chalisa

Sri Krishna Chalisa

Jai Sri Krishna
Glory to you, O Lord Krishna!

Bansi shobhit kar madhur, neel jalaj tanu shyam.

The sweet sounding flute embellishes your hands,your body dark of hue is like the blue lotus.

Arun adhar janu bimba phal, nayan kamal abhiraam.
Your crimson lips are like the bimba fruit,
and your eyes are like the pleasing lotuses.

Puran indu Arvind mukha, pitaambar suchi saaj.
Your face is like a fresh- blossoming lotus and (glowing; shining) like the full moon, and you are beautifully attired in your yellow silken costume.

Jai Man Mohan Madan chhavi, Shree Krishnachandra Maharaj.
Jai Man-Mohan Madan-(Mohan), Sri Krishnachandra Maharaj ki jai

1. Jai jai Yadunandan jag vandan, Jai Vasudev Devki nandan.
Glory, glory to the son of the Yadav race, glory to one who is universally adored; glory to the son of Vasudeva and Devaki.

2. Jai Yashoda sut Nanda dulaare, Jai prabhu bhaktan ke rakhavaare.
Glory to the beloved son of Yashoda and Nanda, glory to you,O Lord, the protector of your devotees.

3. Jai Natanaagar Naag nathaiyaa, Krishna Kanhaiya dhenu charaiya.
Glory to the most accomplished player, the subduer of the Naag (cobra snake, you are indeed Kanhaiya, the cowherd.

4. Puni nakh par Prabhu girivar dhaaro, Aavo deenan-kasht nivaaro.
O Lord! You uplifted the Govardhan mountain on the nail of your small finger, Pray come and free the helpless from their distress.

5. Bansi madhur adhar-dhari tero, Hove puran manorath mero.
O Lord, you have the sweet flute touching
your lips, Pray fulfil our wishes.

6. Aao Hari puni maakhan khaao, aaj laaj bhaktan ki raakho.
Come again, O Lord to eat makkhan (cream),
And protect your devotee’s honour this day.

7. Gol kapol chibuk arunaare, mridu muskaan mohini daare.
With reddish chubby cheeks, Your smile
is gentle (soft and sweet) and bewitching.

8. Raajit Raajiv nayan vishaalaa, mor mukut vaijayantimaalaa.
You have large lotus-like (royal) eyes, you wear crown adorned with peacock feather and you wear Vaijayanti garland.
[Five coloured garland interspersed with valuable jewels and reaching up to knees worn by Sri Krishna].

9. Kundal shravan peet pat aache, kati kinkini kaachhani kaachhe.
Your ears are elegantly adorned with gold ear-rings, while the trinkets on your girdle and the lovely kachani are looking graceful.
[kachani; a loin cloth with loose ends tucked at the waist]

10. Neel jalaj sundar tan sohe, chhavi lakhi sur nar muni mana mohai.
Gods and humans and sages are entranced at the sight of your beautiful and magnificent body which is like the blue lotus.

11. Mastak tilak alak ghunghraale, Aao Shyaam bansuri vaale.
Your forehead is decorated with tilak with lovely braided hair on your head ; Please come, O Shyam (Krishna), the flute player.

12. Kari pai paan putanaahin taaryo, Akaa-Bakaa Kaagaasur maaryo.
You liberated the demoness Putana when as a babe (infant Shri Krishna), you sucked the dreadful breast of Putana drawing out poison along with her life. Also you killed many a demons like Akaasur, Bakaasur and Kagaasur.
[Putana lit. means an evil spirit seizing infants and causing their deaths.Taking the infant Sri Krishna in her lap, that cruel demoness Putana put into
the Baby’s mouth her dreadful breast besmeared with deadly poison. Squeezingit hard with both his hands, the Lord, full of indignation, forthwith sucked thepoison along with her very life.]

13. Madhuvan jalat agin jab jvaala, bhei sheetal lakhatahin Nandalala.
When wild fire broke out in the forest Madhuvan (dried with summer heat,the conflagaration surrounded the whole of Vraj lying asleep at midnight and began to burn it), Nandalala (the infinite Lord of the universe) swallowed up
that fierce conflagaration and restored the cool

14. Jab surpati Brij chadhyo risaai, Musardhaar baari barsaai.
The ruler of gods, Indra (also the god of rain), was angered (when Lord Sri Krishna stopped the sacrifice to Indra to crush his pride), and Indra produced over Vraj a deluge causing the rains to come down in torrents of cataclysmic and violent downpour.

15. Lakhat lakhat Brij chahat bahaayo, Govardhan nakh dhari bachaayo.
When entire Vraj was being drowned, the Lord saved Vraj by uprooting with one hand (poetic license, ‘lifted the mountain on one finger nail’)
Mount Govardhan and sheltering Vraj under it.
[‘Krishna held up the mountain with one hand for a full one week and did not stir from his position.’- Source: Srimad Bhagavad Purana ]

16. Lakhi Yashodaa mana bhram adhikaai, Mukh mahan chaudah bhuvan dikhaai.
For removing doubts in mother Yashoda’s mind, you
displayed, within your mouth, the fourteen spheres.
[Mother Yashoda heard complaints from child Krishna’s other playmates that Krishna had eaten some clay. Mother Yashoda wanted to verify that and urged child Krishna to open his mouth. Thus urged, Lord Sri Hari, who had in sport (leela) assumed the form of a human child, opened His mouth. There (inside the Lord’s mouth) she observed the whole universe.]

17. Dusht Kansa ati udham machaayo, Koti kamal kahan phul mangaayo.
When wicked Kansa was causing great havoc, and demanded that a crore of lotus flowers be sent to him.

18. Naathi kaaliyahin ko tum linhyo, Charan chinh dai nirbhay kinho.
By overpowering and subduing Kaliya (multi hooded black cobra serpent), you provided safety for all.
[Finding the Yamuna river poisoned by a black snake and seeking its purification, Sri Krishna, the almighty Lord, subdued and expelled the serpent kaliya. While Yamuna was inhabited by the serpent Kaliya, its water was being constantly boiled by the fire of its poison, and into which birds flying over it fell down. Touched by the wind that blew over the ripples of that poisoned water and surcharged with its spray, living beings, mobile as well as immobile, standing on its banks, met their death.]

19. Kari gopin sang raas bilaasa, sab ki pur kari abhilashaa.
You fulfilled the desires of all the Gopis (milk-maids)
by playing Raas with them.

20. Aganit mahaa asur sanhaaryo, Kansahi kesh pakada dai maaryo.
You eliminated innumerable powerful demons, and with (cruel king) Kansa, grasping him tightly by the hair, you dragged him hard and killed him.

21. Maatu pitaa ki bandi chhudaayo, Ugrasen kahan raaj dilaayo.
Having secured the release (from Kansa) of his mother (Devaki) and father (Vasudeva) from bondage, you restored to (younger) Ugrasen his lost kingdom.
[Lord Sri Krishna made His maternal grand-uncle, Ugrasen, king of the Yadus]

22. Mahi se mritak chhaho sut laayo, Matu Devaki shok mitaayo.
You brought back the six dead sons of Devaki
from the underworld and freed her from grief.
[On their return from Kurukshetra, after the Mahabharata war, Sri Krishna and Balaram went to their parents to offer their salutations to them. Devaki was greatly astonished to hear that her sons had brought back the deceased son of their preceptor from the abode of Yama. Recollecting her (six) sons who had been put to death (as newly born infants) by Kansa, she felt agitated in her mind, and, addressing Sri Krishna and Balarama with tears in her eyes, piteously she said, ‘I have heard that being urged by your preceptor, Sandipani, and guided by providence, you brought back his son, who had died long ago, from the abode of Death, and thereby discharged your debt to the preceptor. I desire that you should similarly grant my desire also, and bring my (six) sons, who had been killed by Kansa, so that I may see them. Thus directed by their mother, both Sri Krishna and Balaram, with the help of their Yogamaya or Divine power, entered the subterranean region of Sutala. When Bali, the king of the demons, saw them enter Sutala, he greeted them with a heart overflowing with joy. Addressing Bali, the glorious Lord said, ‘O chief of the Daityas, mother Devaki grieves for those children of her own, who are now with you. For removing the sorrow of our mother we propose to take them from here. They will thereby get completely freed from their curse and will happily return to their celestial abode.’ Having thus explained their mission to Bali, the two brothers took the children with them to Dwarka and handed over the children to mother Devaki. At the sight of those children, milk began to flow from the breasts of Devaki through excess of maternal love. Placing them on her lap, she embraced them and repeatedly smelt their crowns. Overwhelmed with emotion at the touch of her children, she suckled them with great delight. The milk in Devaki’s breasts was veritable nectar, for it was the remnant of what had been tasted by Sri Krishna. Having suckled such milk, and blessed by the touch of the Supreme Lord, they (the six sons)attained knowledge of the Self. They now bowed to Sri Krishna, mother Devaki, father Vasudeva, and Balaram and ascended to the abode of the celestials in the presence of all. Mother Devaki was astounded to see her deceased children return to earth and then depart again and concluded that all this was the Lord’s leela (Divine sport). ]

[The two brothers- Sri Krishna and Balaram, while staying as students at Guru Sandipani’s residence, learnt every thing in a single lesson. Upon completion of their studies, they persuaded the teacher to ask for the preceptor’s dakshina (fees) of his liking. Sandipani asked for, as his dakshina, the restoration of his child lost in the ocean at Prabhaas. Saying, ‘So be it’, the two brothers went to Prabhaasa and found that the son was taken by the demon Panchajan, who lived under the waters in the shape of a conch. Not finding the son within the conch, Sri Krishna and Balaram took the conch and went to Yama, and blew the conch. Yama worshipped both of them saying, ‘O Vishnu (the all-pervading Lord), disguised as a human being by way of leela (sport), what can we do for you both?’ The glorious Lord said: ‘Impelled by My command, O great ruler, fetch My preceptor’s son, who was brought here as a result of his own Karma.’ Being brought back to life, they handed over to their preceptor his son]

23. Narkaasur mura khal sanhaari, Laaye shatdash sahas kumaari.
You killed the demon Narkasur (the son of Mother Earth) and also the (five headed) demon Mura; and freed sixteen thousand (and one hundred)
maidens who were kept in bondage by Narkasur.
[Having been apprised of the nefarious activities of the demon Narkasur (son of Mother Earth) by Indra, (the king of the gods), whose umbrella
(one of the insignia of sovereignty) had been snatched away by the demon, and Indra’s mother, Aditi, was robbed of her ear-rings by the demon,
Sri Krishna fought a battle with the demon Narkasur and the Lord, using his discus (Sudarshan chakra) lopped off the head of Narakasur. Upon entering
the palace of Narkasura, Sri Krishna saw there sixteen thousand and one hundred Kshatriya maidens snatched away by Narakasur from the gynaecium of kings, as well as gods, siddhas and demons.]

24. Dai Bhima trin chir ishaaraa, Jaraasandh raakshas kahan maaraa
By a cryptic signal by splitting a twig you instructed Bhima as to how Jarasandha can be slain.
[King Yudhishthira, conquering all the kings, was preparing to perform the great Rajasuya sacrifice; but king Jarasandha had remained unsubdued. A plan was devised by Sri Krishna, and accordingly king Yudhishthira sent Bhimsen, Arjuna and Bhagavan Sri Krishna to Girivraja, the capital of king Jarasandha. The glorious Lord said to Jarasandha, ‘O great king, we have come here in search of a combat. If it pleases you, grant us a boon of a single combat with you.’ Jarasandha laughed loudly and filled with rage said, ‘If you seek a combat, fools, I shall certainly offer to fight with you.’ And king Jarasandha chose Bhimsena for his adversary, for both were equally matched in training, strength and vigour. Both fought with unabated violence; yet their contest remained undecided. Though engaged in a mortal fight during the day time, they lived as friends during the nights. In this way twenty-seven days passed. On the twenty-eighth day Bhim said to his cousin, Sri Krishna, ‘Krishna, I am unable to overpower Jarasandha in a duel.’ Sri Krishna knew the secret of Jarasandha’s birth and death, viz., how the demoness Jaraa joined his body that was divided into two and conferred life on him. Sri Krishna infused his own strength into Bhimsena and then Sri Krishna, whose insight was infallible, took up a twig and split it into two by way of a signal to demonstrate to Bhimsena how to do it. Bhim understood and pinned Jarasandha to the ground. Pressing a foot of the enemy with one foot, he took hold of the other with both hands and split Jarasandha into two from the anus and thus killed him.]

25. Asur vrikaasur aadik maaryo, Nij bhaktan kar kasht nivaaryo.
By killing many demons like Vrikaasur, you eased the distress of your devotees.

26. Deen Sudaamaa ke dukh taaryo, Tandul teen muthi mukh daaryo.
You removed poor Sudama’s poverty (destitution), and you ate with relish three handfuls of beaten rice (that was brought to you as present by your friend Sudama.)
[The glorious Lord said to his childhood friend Sudama, ‘O friend, what present have you brought for me from your house? I consider as great even a small present offered by the devotee with real love; but a lot of things offered without devotion do not bring Me pleasure. Whosoever offers to Me with love a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water, I accept and heartily enjoy that offering of love by that man of purified intellect.’ Sudama, feeling shy, did not present the handful of beaten rice to the Lord of Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth). But the Lord, who sees the mind of all beings, knew the cause of Sudama’s visit. The Lord said to Himself, ‘This Brahmana (Sudama) is a great friend of Mine. He never sought wealth from Me before. He has approached Me now at the entreaty of his devoted wife, whom he is naturally anxious to please. I shall bestow on him a fortune that is difficult of attainment even by the immortals.’ Reflecting thus, the Lord snatched from under the covering of the Brahmana the beaten rice tied in a rag and said, ‘Here you have brought for Me something that I like most. These grains of beaten rice will satisfy not only Me but the whole world.’

27. Duryodhan ke tyaagyo mevaa, Kiyo Vidur ghar shaak kalevaa.
You ate simple vegetables at the house of devotees like Vidur in preference to the rich fare at Duryodhan’s palace.

28. Lakhi prem tuhin mahimaa bhaari, Naumi Shyam deenan hitkaari.
O Shyama! O compassionate to the poor! Having witnessed your abounding grace and glory, I bow to you.

29. Bhaarat mein paarath-rath haanke, Liye chakra kar nahin bal thaake.
You drove (Arjun’s) chariot during the battle of Mahabharata; you
remained unwearied with the discus (Sudarshana Chakra) in your hand.

30. Nij Gitaa ke gyaan sunaaye, bhaktan hriday sudhaa sarsaaye.
You communicated the wisdom of the Gita and let the
hearts of your devotees abound with the nectar of love.

31. Meera aisi matvaali, vish pi gayi bajaakar taali
Mira, your devotee, was so totally engrossed with unbounded devotion to you, that brimming with joy (while taking your name) she even drank poison

32. Raanaa bhejaa saamp pitaari, shaaligraam bane banvaari.
When O Banavaari, the Rana (Mira’s husband) sent a basket
containing a snake, you assumed the form of a Shaligram stone.

33. Nij maayaa tum vidhihin dikhaayo, ura te sanshay sakal mitaayo
By revealing your illusory powers to Brahma, you dispelled all his misgivings.
[By the dint of Your Maya You have removed
all doubts from the minds of people.]

34. Tav shatnindaa kari tatkaalaa, jivan mukt bhayo shishupaalaa.
When Shishupala reviled you (upon being treated by Shishupala with hundreds of contumely), you terminated his life.

35. Jabahin Draupadi ter lagaai, Deenaanaath laaj ab jaai.
When Draupadi sought your help by pleading, ‘O Lord of the distressed! My honour is at stake!’

36. Turata hi basan bane Nandlala, badhyo chir bhe ari mukh kaalaa.
O Nandalala! You instantly supplied (inexhaustible quantity of) cloth, and the assembly members became ashen faced with disbelief.

37. Asa anaatha ke naath Kanhaiyaa, dubat bhanvar bachaavahi naiya
You are, O Kanhaiya, so great a guardian of the helpless orphan that you rescue every sinking boat from the whirlpool of life (worldly life; samsar).

38. Sundardaas vaas Durvaasaa, karat vinay Prabhu pujahu aasaa
O Lord! Sundardas, an inmate of the hermitage of Durvasa, beseeches You to grant his wishes.

39. Naath sakal ur kumati nivaaro, chhamo vegi apraadh hamaaro.
O Lord! Dispel all ignorance from his heart and forgive him his faults (trespasses).

40. Kholo pat ab darshan deeje, Bolo Krishna Kanhaiya ki jai
May you reveal yourself to him by opening the door of his heart. May we all sing ‘Victory, victory to you, Lord Krishna, glory to Kanhaiya!’

Krishna chandra ke naam Se, hot praphullit gaay,
tan ghaatak paatak tarat, rog duri hoy jaay.
Chaalisaa jo nit padhai, Kathin kasht kati jaai,
dhan jan bal vidyaa badhaai, nit nar sukh sarsai.
Yah chalisa Krishna ka, path kare ur dhaari,
asht siddhi nav niddhi phal, lahe padaarath chaari.

Whoever with cheerfulness sings this song will have his (or her) three types of troubles removed and will be freed from sins and diseases.

Those who recite this Krishna Chalisa with faith and devotion can acquire eight siddhis (supernatural powers through Yoga, viz., anima, mahima, garima, laghima, prapti, prakamya, ishitva and vashitva) and the nine types of treasures.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya