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Who is God?


            Who is God? Whom can we call God? Who are trying to find? Is there really an Existence of some God? Or are we just grouping in the dark in search of something we donít know about? In realty we are looking for something, which is closest to us. We have forgotten about that and are looking around confused, frustrated to find it out. This is a myriad of questions coming to any inquisitive mind. Questions are good. Quivery always leads to some explanation some solution. It is always good to put the problem in a simpler way. We are inquisitive to know who is God and are running after something or somebody who has gone away from us or has disappeared. Putting it in a similar way, suppose we lose a tooth. Our tongue will always go to touch that empty space to feel the tooth, which has been lost. When all the teeth are there or where there, we never cared for them and never felt the necessity of feeling them.

Every single moment, every living being is coming contact with 5 Gods with out which we may not survive even for fraction of a moment. The five Gods are Agni- water, air, earth and sun. We cannot survive without any of them but we donít care because these are reality available these are right here for us all the time and are helpful in providing life to us. With out the sun the existence of all vegetation and thus all those who depend on the vegetation will be lost or you can say life will not exist. Without water life is impossible. Do we care for this God? No because this is with us? Likewise life without air, fire is impossible. Donít we experience this everyday, every minute? But we ignore all these visible, approachable Gods and search for something, which is not visible, which is not perceivable. Mother, father, guru, saints and many knowledgeable people are there to enlighten us and meet our demands but we ignore them and try to worship these who have neither lost there body or were never with in a bodily form. Then another question arises ďIS God THE NAME OF A VOIDĒ a feeling of emptiness a deficiency that we are trying to find out. Is he something non-existent? And we are trying in vein to find it out. All these questions are storming our brain all the time about God. Who is God and what does he do? Let us see the answer to there question in a very simple perspective. Whenever we are in dire need of something and somebody can meet necessity, we inadvertently say, Oh You Are My God, at this moment, who has seen God, you have fulfilled my desire, so youíre my God. I remember another instead that happened in India. I had gone to visit a sick person in the hospital. A few beds away were another patient surrounded by a group of doctors and all of them were showing signs of disappointment as if the prognosis of that person was really bad. They had a kind of given up all hope of his recovery. I went close to them and asked about him looking at their grim faces. They told me that the man is critically due to totaled damaged heart and doctors have told us to take him home any moment he pull of. I requested them that they must consult some specialists before taking any drastic step. They told me that they all were heart specialists have lost all hope. So they just left him to die. After a short while and another friend came to enquire about his health when he came to know about grave situation he suggested that he knows one very good heart specialist and called him instantaneously in the hospital. After looking at all the medical records and examine the patient he expressed that he can take a chance. More-over this hospital has already declassed him a hopeless case, let me lay, if I succeed, you will be happy and if I donít then the in evident has to happen. But if I do see some hope all family members fall to his feet and started saying with folded hands that you have come as God incarnate today to save his life. You are in fact God for us and for them to. Then the doctor did the surgery and carried the man or took him out of the clutches of death. So really for that family this doctor was the God. Whenever we are in the midst of a domestic or official problem and anyone who takes us are of that ordeal, we consider that particular person as the God. In fact who so ever meets our necessities is like God incarnate. In Hindu religious it is said with goal feeling of love and respect that the people, plants, animals, nature, seasons and climates, rivers and mountains anything which is helpful in sustaining and maintaining your life is worship able. Quite possible when these thought were expressed the total population might be thirty three million and because we are all interdependent on each other so all those who helped each other where named Gods. In the Muslims also the same message echoes us in Shauli Maulse we prey to all the natural elements to be pure and useful to us. Never shall your fury remain peaceful and provide us the life energy. In the pictures of Gods and Goddesses you can see that all Gods and Goddesses have been associated with specific animals, as their rides, plants and trees as their favorites and when we study the significance of all those plants, animals, rivers and mountains we find that those things are to great importance to human begins and have been attached to the religious beliefs so that we worship them as Gods and make best use of those. So whenever we fulfill our needs from something or somebody we respect that. So it seems evident that God is our need. We cannot exist with out him and he is manifested as everything and everyone in the universe. As long as we are alive, we capable of identifying or not identifying God. Now let us see who is our need? What is our need without which or without whom we cannot survive. By looking at life in this perspective we see that we are each otherís need. You must have heard people saying I cannot live without you. I donít want to think about life about you. New life is impossible with the interdependence of husband and wife or men and women. God created earth then all the vegetation and knowledge to prop age this planetís life he created all the star, galaxies and gave knowledge to human begins to study them and know their uses he made animals and knowledge about them water, sun, moon, fire all these things and unlimited human begins to know their harness these powers and resources through new inventions and discovers. Everything as raw material is provided but to make it useful for us we need men cotton is there to make it into a cloth you need to farmer and cook. Disease germs and medicines are there we need doctor to diagnose and prescribe the right medicine in right dose. Look at the day-to-day cycle of your lives everybody around you and everything around you is useful to you. We cannot live without each another so understand that you yourself are God. Your children, brothers, sisters, mother, father, friends, and relatives all are God for one another. We supple each another and all together are complete manifestation of God. So let us start building a new society where each one worships the other as God manifest. In the next article I will write how we the creations of God have created God. I bow and pay my obeisance to you and to supreme God live in you who we this article and inspire you to spread this message.