A Wonder Root—Carrot

Digestion: Eating raw carrots can cure any ailment associated with the liver and the digestive tract. Carrots strengthen the liver, which in turn helps indigestion. In France , carrots are consumed in large quantities to maintain healthy livers.

Jaundice: Carrots are the proven medicine for jaundice. Jaundice patients should be given carrot juice, soup or stew. In Europe , large quantities of carrots are used for treating jaundice.

Palpitation: Drinking carrot juices twice a day helps control heart palpitation. When blood becomes thick due to bad cholesterol and tryglycerides, drink 350 gms of carrot juice mixed with 250gms of spinach juice for relief.

Gastiritis, Entritis and Colic Pain: If there is inflammation of the small and large intestines, mix 185 gms of carrot juice, 150 gms of beet root juice and 160 gms of cucumber juice and drink everyday for quick relief.

Worms: If there are worms (round worm, hook worm or tape worm) in the intestines, drink carrot juice on an empty stomach every day for two weeks. The worms will be eliminated in the stool. You can also eat raw carrots.

Fermented carrot extract (kanji): Drink one glass of kanji every day for five weeks to destroy worms in the stomach and intestines.

Kidney diseases in general: Boil two spoonfuls of carrot seeds with a glass of water and drink it. This soup works as a diuretic and through the elimination of urine, most kidney diseases are cured.

Tonsillitis: Carrot juice acts as an antibiotic to cure tonsillitis in children in the 12-13 yrs age group.

Skin Diseases: Carrot juice is a natural blood cleanser and antibiotic. It cools blood while cleansing it of its dead white cells and prevents skin eruptions such as boils and sores. Pure blood reveals a healthy complexion with no blemishes or paleness on it.

Dry Skin: Dry skin is caused by a Vitamin A deficiency. Carrots contain a lot of Vitamin A, and using them in any form will help in improving the tone and condition of the skin.

Eczema: To cure ringworm, cut small pieces of carrot and boil them adding rock salt. Crush this mixture and apply on the face.

Chest Pain: Boil carrots. Mash them and mix with honey. Drink this daily and your chest pain will vanish.

Burns: Take raw carrots and grind them into a paste. Apply this on the burn. The burning sensation will stop, pus formation will cease as well and the burn will heal.

Wounds: Apply carrot pulp on the wounds. Drink carrot juice for quicker relief. Carrots are used in cancerous wounds in many countries in Europe .

Arthritis: Mix carrot, cucumber and beet root juice equally and drink everyday for relief.

Stone: Stone in the bladder, urethra, urinary tract and pelvis can be eradicated by drinking a mixture of carrot and cucumber juice. Drink carrot juice every day on an empty stomach about two or three times a day. The stone will break down and pass with urine. Grind carrot seeds into powder and absorb in to water and then drink it. This is effective in removing kidney and gall bladder stones.

Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat: Ear, nose and throat are connected through the Eustachian tube, larynx and pharynx. Drinking carrot and spinach juices mixed in equal quantities, gives immense relief to all diseases associated with the ear, nose and throat.

Diabetes: Mix 310 gms carrot juice and 185gms spinach juice and drink two or three times a day on an empty stomach for maximum benefit.

Bad Breath: Carrot, spinach and cucumber juices mixed in equal measure will certainly prevent bad breath.

Eyesight: Carrot and spinach juices help in preventing weakening of vision.

Headache: Mix 185 gms carrot juice, 250 gms beetroot juice and 125 gms cucumber or squash juice and drink in the morning and evening to cure headaches and asthma.

Weakness in Babies: Baby food with carrots or fresh carrot juice 2-3 spoons twice or thrice a day make children active and healthy. Mix the carrot juice with milk, which will help with their immune system and assist in quick growth.

Menstruation: If menstrual cycle is obstructed, take two spoons of carrot seeds, one spoon jaggery (gurh), boil with a glass of water and drink hot twice a day. Menstrual cycle will be regular and painless.

Memory: Eat 7 almonds along with ˝ kg of cow’s milk o carrot juice. Your memory will increase enormously.