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Om Jai Jagdish Hare Arati


Om Jay Jagdish Hare

In a Hindu household, dusk and dawn hold special significance as far as prayer is concerned. It is during this transition (from dawn to morning and dusk to evening) that negativity needs to be burnt and righteousness welcomed.

Traditionally the ‘Aarti’ is performed during the morning and evening in a Hindu household.

The Aarti consists of a small flame that burns on a wick, is placed on a plate and rotated round the Deity.

The ritual of the Aarti makes the light of the flame dispel darkness. The incense that is burnt gives out fragrance, a bell is rung and hands are clapped while one sings the Aarti. If you ask a Feng-Shui expert, he or she will confirm that all the above is very good to ward of the evil eye!

The ‘Aarti’ reminds us of the greatness of the Lord, because the flame that we rotate is symbolic of the Cosmos (Sun, Moon, Stars) revolving around the Almighty paying obeisance to Him.


Om Jaya Jagadeesha harey Swaami Jaya Jagadeesha harey
Bhakta janon key sankata, daas jano key sankata,
Kshana mein door Karey - Om Jaya Jagadeesha harey….

Salutation to Thee, O Lord of the universe,
Thou, who, in an instant, removest the sorrows and problems, of those who love Thee!
Salutations unto Thee!

Jo Dhyaavey Phala Paavey Dukha Vinasey Mana kaa
Sukha Sampati Ghara Aavey, Kashta Mitey Tana kaa –
Om Jaya Jagadeesha harey…

Thou rewardest Thy devotees, who singest Thy praise, by removing their mental afflictions.
Joy, prosperity and health enter the homes of those who pray to Thee!

Maat Pitaa Tum Merey Sharana Gahoon kiski
Tum Bin Aur na Doojaa Aash karoon Jiski - Om Jaya…

Thou art my Mother and Father, whose refuge I seek,
There is no one else beside Thee, who I could really count on!

Tuma Purana Paramaatmaa Tuma Antaryaami
Par-Brahma Parameshvara Tuma Sabake Swami - Om Jay…

Thou art Complete and Perfect! There is nothing hidden from Thee!
Thou art Perfect, Eternal, Absolute, The Lord of all Creation!

Tuma Karunaa Ke Saagar Tuma Paalana Kartaa
Mai moorakh khal-kaami
Mai Sevaka Tum Swami Kripaa Karo Bharataa - Om Jay.....

Thou art an Ocean of Compassion, Thou art the Protector of all,
I am ignorant, O Lord! I am but your Servant, while Thou art my Master!
Do Have Mercy on me!

Tum Ho Ek Agochara Sabkey Praanapati
Kisa Vidhi Miloon Dayaamaya Tuma ko main kumati - Om Jay......

Thou art the One, the Real Essence, the Life of all lives.
How do we unite?
I, who am so ignorant, and Thou who art All Merciful?

Deena Bandhu Dukha Harataa Thaakur Tum merey Swaami Rakshaka tum Mere
Apney haath uthaao, apney charan lagaao, Dwaar para main terey, Om Jay......

Thou art the Succour of the oppressed, and the Remover of pain and sorrow.
Thou art my Protecting Force!
I beseech Thee to Raise Thy hand, so that I can surrender to Thee!

Vishaya Vikaar Mitaao Paap Haro Devaa
Shraddhaa Bhakti Badhaao Santan Ki Sevaa - Om Jay.....

Help me to get rid of my imperfections and vices,
Bless me with increasing faith, and spirit of service to the devout!

Tan Man sab tera, sab kuchh hai tera,
Tera tujhko arpan, kyaa laagey mera. Om Jay......

All that I possess belongs to Thee,
I offer Thee what in reality is Thine, as nothing is truly mine!