1) Embracing: Embracing or clasping removes the physical distances between the partners. Embracing can be of two kinds depending on whether the partners know each other previously or are unknown to each other. Between the partners, who already know each other, embracing is full of drive. Between the partners who are unknown to each other, embracing removes the physical distance and establishes closeness.

There are four distinct stages in the process of embracing. These are touching, pulling, rubbing and pressing hard. First the partners touch each other lovingly while talking. Next they are drawn closer. Any partner may pull the other. Once their bodies come in close contact, the partners caress and stroke each other. Even their bodies begin to rub against each other. Finally as the urge grows stronger, the partners begin to press hard against each other in preparation to an intercourse. Exponents of Kamasutra advise that at this stage the partners must make full use of the things not mentioned anywhere but helping to increase the intensity of love.

Kissing: Kissing may accompany embracing or follow it. It is used prominently before the actual coition to increase the intensity of love. On the female body, there are eleven points sensitive to kissing. These are forehead, cheeks, eyes, bust, breasts, lips, and palate inside the mouth. Besides these some people have no hesitation is kissing even the lips of the cunt, and around it, armpits and jovelings. Exponents of Kamasutra advise that a particular kind of kiss must be reciprocated fittingly.

2) Piercing with Nails: Kissing kindles the fire of love, while piercing with nails acts likes fuel to keep this fire burning. Nails however should be used only when the partners has attained a particular degree of excitement. Those, who lack intensity in their love, don't use nails to excite their partners. Nails are used like kissing on armpits, breasts, neck, back, thighs, groin etc. But care must be taken not to inflict long lasting marks. Nails marks on the hidden parts remind the person of the first love even long after his or her partner has parted with.

3) Biting: Biting either accompanies of follows the piercing with nails. It only adds to the heat of the love. All the kissing points except upper lip, tongue and eyes are suitable for biting provided that your partner has no objection. Biting must be done in such a way that it does not leave a permanent mark, Neck, armpits and thighs are the ideal places for biting. Some experts regard biting at the breast as most exciting.


According to Vatsyayan, there are Sixty four arts in Kamasutra. These are: singing, dancing, playing instruments, knowledge of foreign languages speaking generously speaking beautifully painting, calligraphy, making garlands, cooking delicious foods, making floral bouquets, ability to distinguish between true and false gems, sewing colour-making and dying, making proper estimates of the cooking materials honouring others, saving money, treating birds and animals, ability to judge craftiness and reply accordingly, proficiency in plays behaving suitably with others, prudence, keeping the body neat and clean, braiding of hair and dying them with heena.

These are all general arts that prepare a girl to be a good wife. In practical aspect that is when physical intimacy is achieved, there are sixteen arts that a young girl must learn before opening herself before her husband. These are – reading others thoughts, expression of love on others, showing acceptance through bodily postures, allowing slow touching of her parts, scrating lovingly with nails and biting, undoing the fastener of the lower clothe straightening and exposing the private part, artful participation in the intercourse, pleasing the partner, feeling full satisfaction and making the partner to have similar feeling, encouraging the partner for intercourse, posing as if angry, removal of anger in a playful way, pleasing the angry partner, leaving the sleeping partner, going to sleep after the coition and concealing the private parts. Apart from these there are four more additional arts inducing guilt, in the partner through tearful eyes for his showing negligence to you, stopping an uninterested partner through sending down oath on him, following him if the partner does not stop and looking helplessly at the going partner.

Learning of these arts enhances the beauty, character and virtues of a woman, Through these arts, prostitutes gain respect in the society. They get honour from the king praise from he connoisseurs and gain every kind of wealth. Princesses and the daughters of noblemen may control their husbands through these arts. Even those women whose husbands have migrated out and even widows may pass their lives without trouble if the have mastered these arts.


Kamasutra describes Sixty-four postures through which a man and a woman can establish physical contact. These postures are beneficial to both of them. Ancient as well as modern poets have described these postures in their distinct styles. Almost all the authorities on Kamasutra agree that a couple must adopt such a posture that is helpful in conceiving, and not one that may lead to abortion. This dictate complies well to the basic objective of physical intimacy. Joy is the first objective of physical intimacy. If a couple fails to enjoy this intimacy, there is no meaning of sex then. There might be many reasons for a couple not enjoying physical intimacies.

Imbalance between the physical stature of the partners is the main reason. If both the partners are well matched in their physical built and age, there is no problem in establishing, and running smoothly, a physical contact. But if they are not well matched, either of them may feel pain during the intercourse. Postures in this case, tell the unmatched partners how to establish intimacy contacts and how to enjoy them. Postures of Kamasutra constitute the theme of bas-relief in many temples of ancient India. Temples in Khajuraho, Konark and many other places in India contain scores of figures that depict postures from Kamasutra. Those figures, of course would have not been chiseled with an objective of propagating vulgarity. Those figures depict the vital states of life – processes that beget life.


Undressing the partner: A man must begin to undress his female partner right during the foreplay and sweet-talking. Undressing begins with undoing of the fastener. The female partner will naturally protest against this action. But this protest is superficial only and dies out after a few kisses. Thus, slowly undressing the female partner, a man must also show his readiness, while touching and stroking his partner at sensitive spots like armpits, groin and breasts. Such actions surely kindle the fire of love in the female partner and she readily dedicates herself before the desire of the man.

First intercourse: A proverb says: The first impression is the last impression. For many it is true word by word. But for most of the people, it can be modified as; the first impression is the lasting impression. Hence, behaviour of both the partners has a lasting impression on the other. ‘Have patience' may be the best advice to such partners who are going to have their first carnal experience.

The male partner should slowly begin to excite the female by gently stroking her thighs and groin area. The female will respond to these actions by opening up her posture. If the female has never had a close contact with the male, winning over her confidence is crucial.

Gentle talking is the best way to win the confidence of such a woman. It should be followed by gentle caressing, stroking, fondling etc. of her sensitive parts so that the female acquires an open posture. It is also the high time to start undressing the female partner. Intercourse is a bizarre experience for a virgin woman. She doesn't know how to express her excitement and sentiments. Hence, a prudent male must be watchful of her postures and natural responses. During the first intercourse, a woman leaves her body loose, closes her eyes, and rubs her thighs against those of the male ultimately dropping her shyness. A watchful man understands these signals and responds accordingly.


At the height of excitement, the male and the female partners are ready to cross all the barriers and enter into each other. This moment marks the beginning of coition or intercourse. To have an intercourse effectively, the partners now need favourable postures. Some of the most prevalent and easiest postures have been described here.

1) Mrigi (Doe posture): This is regarded as the most civilized posture. Such a coy doe spreads both her hind legs to facilitate the entry of the male; similarly a woman with small cunt spreads her legs apart. In this posture, phallus of even horse-type of male can have an easy entry.

2) Hastini Asana (She-elephant posture): This posture is adopted by Hastini (She –elephant) types of females, who have a large cunt. If the male partner is small (rabbit type or bull type), such a woman should cuddle herself up to the size of her partner.

3) Samarati (Equal matched): If the male and female partners are well matched as per the size of their bodies, they may stretch their bodies naturally for maximum enjoyment.

4) Badava Asan (cow posture): This posture is adopted by the females of normal stature. If a cow-type female is having an intercourse with Ashva (horse) type male, she must spread her legs as far apart as possible to facilitate the entry of a large phallus. If she is being mated by Shashak (rabbit) type male, she should contract her body to the size of her partner. If the partner is bull type, they may spread and stretch their bodies normally to enjoy union. But in either case, the female partner must allow the entry of the male organ only when her organ has achieved enough lubrication through the secretion of fluid.

5) Supine: Lying down supine on the bed is a facilitating posture for the females to enjoy an intercourse. In such posture, folding the knees and raising the thighs up while spreading both the legs apart facilitates an easy entry. In this posture, even a doe type female can have an easy entry of even a horse-type male.

6) Samputak: Both male and female partners spread their legs straight during mating. This posture is useful when both the partners are well matched.

7) Piritak: Hitting of groin with the genital organ. This leads to tremendous excitement in both the partners.

8) Vadava: Contraction and tightening of the female genital organ. With this posture, a she-elephant type of female can please even a rabbit-type of male who feels an extraordinary enlargement in his organ. Andhra women particularly adopt this posture.

9) Bhugnak: Female- lying supine folds her legs at the knees and raises the thighs, but does not spread the legs apart. Instead she rests her knees against the chest of her mate who then enters the female in half-sitting position.

10) Jrimbhitak: The female raises her legs and puts them on the shoulders of the male. The male also takes a sitting posture with his knees up to the level of his partner's shoulders. Such posture result in the contraction of the female genital organ.

11) Utpiritaka: Folding her legs, the female rests them against the chest of her partner. The male spreads his around the shoulders of the female. All through the mating, legs of the female support on the male's chest. Such a posture causes peculiar thumping sensation in the hearts of both the partners.

12) Piritak: Female takes a crossed- legged posture and raises her thighs to expose her genitals. Such posture constricts the female genitalia and makes the entry painful.

13) Padmasana: The female takes Padmasana while lying supine and raises her thighs without undoing the Asana. The male reaches his hands through the folds of her legs and holds her shoulders in order to mount on her.

14) Imitation of Animals: Every animal has a particular way of mating. Human beings observe those postures of the animals and adopt them in mating rituals. Cow, buffalo, dogs, horses, goats, sheep are some tamed animals that breed in the human presence. Humans are also aware of the postures wild animals adopt for mating. Time and again, humans imitate these postures in their mating behaviour. Such postures add to the novelty of the process and joy, provided that they do not cause any pain to the female partner.


Thus, prepared with various postures for an intercourse, the female ascends to the peak of orgasm. Having orgasm is the basic right of both the male and female partners. Sibilating and hitting express the orgasm.


Hitting the partners and simultaneously releasing sibilating sounds are the explicit ways of showing the state of orgasm. Males and particularly females hit their partners at the hand, shoulders, chest, thighs and sides of the body with fists, palms and fingers.

Causes of Sibilation: Sibilation accompanies hitting and is a way to give excitement produced by hitting a vent. All kinds of sounds- hissing, sighing, etc. are produced during sibilation. Some meaningful words are also spoken like, stop it… its enough…its killing me… O God…leave me…Experts say that actually these words mean exactly the opposite. At the end of the process, both the partners feel joyful fatigue. No sound, except of heavy breathing can be heard then. In the opinion of Vatsyayan, hitting the partner during intercourse is a cruel exercise; hence it should be avoided.

Role Reversal: At the end of the process, more than often the partners exchange their roles. The main reason for this behaviour is to provide relief to the tired partner, particularly male and to rekindle his enthusiasm in the process. In the reversal of roles, obviously, the female partner plays the male role and vice versa. It is not necessary also that role reversal should be taken at the end of the process. It can be adopted for a change as a different experience for the main part of the coition. In the reversal of role, female mounts over the male and their genitals unite as usual. Experts say that when the role reversal is desired, the female must behave like male from the very beginning. She must take initiative, must start touching, embracing, kissing and all other foreplay first.


Shivering of hands is the first symptom that shows that the woman has reached the height of excitement. At this stage, she shows deep love and doesn't allow her partner to withdraw even when the male has ejaculated. All males must be watchful of this symptom and see that they do not begin the intercourse first. They must wait for the moment when their female partner has achieved proper lubrication of her genitals and has acquired an open posture by leaving her body loose. There are certain manual ways to reach a woman to the height of excitement. Fondling of female genitalia with skillful use of fingers is the most certain way. Many males use artificial look alike to excite their partner. Some males force their partner to have oral sex. But scriptures strictly forbid such kind of practice. They say that during intercourse, mouth of a woman is extremely holy thing. Hence, it should not be defiled by oral sex.

Beginning and end of intercourse: Intercourse is highly sensitive thing to be enjoyed in total isolation. That is why, much significance is associated with the nuptial night and nuptial chamber. Ambience of nuptial chamber is decorated in such a way that it reflects the very mood of the occupants. It has a well-made bedstead having soft cushions, decorated with scented flowers. Air of the room is also perfumed with incense sticks. The woman is given a bath prior to sending into the room. Her body is anointed with scented oils. At some places, the woman is given mild intoxicating drink.

The male partner makes more or less similar preparations. Upon entering the room, he should occupy a place at the right hand side of the female. He should begin with stroking the hair of the bride while talking gently to her. Then he should caress her hands and hold them. At this stage, both of them may enjoy a mild intoxicating drink to do away with their shyness. The male must slowly reach his hands under the clothes of his partner and grope for the fastener. All other things like embracing, kissing, fondling, undressing and finally intercourse follow usually.

After the intercourse is over, the partners should not part with each other immediately. They must feel their presence within each other for some more time. This practice helps to attain proper intimacy between the partners. Even after separation, the partners must sit together, talk lovingly and take delicious but nutritious food and drink.