Physical intimacy and sexual relation comprise the most delicate part of all the human relations. In the words of well-known author, love seems to be the fastest thing, but it is the slowest thing to grow. Nonetheless, millions of people unite every year with the opposite sex. Some of these partnerships last life long. This section describes the kinds of the partners and their agents who assist them in contacting with each other and establish physical relations.


According to the size and depth of their private organs male and female partners have been put in three categories. These are Shash (rabbit), Vrish (bull) and Ashva (horse) for the males and Mrigi (doe), Badava (cow) and Hastini (she-elephant) for the females.

Shashak (rabbit) males have a small phallus, Vrish (bull) males have normal size phallus. While Ashva (horse) males have extremely large phallus. Mrigi (doe) females have extremely small cunt. Badava (cow females have normal sized cunt, while Hastini (she-elephant) females have extemely large cunt. A union of Shashak (rabbit) male with Mrigi (doe) female, of Vrishu (bull) male with Badava (cow) female and Ashva (horse) male with Hastini (she-elephant) female is well matched because the sizes of their private parts are equal to one another. There are six kinds of unmatched union between these types of partners, viz. Union of Shashak (rabbit) male with Hastini (she-elephant) or Badva (cow) females, union of Vrish (bull) male with Mrigi (doe) or Hastini (she-elephant) females and the union of Ashva (horse) male with Mrigi (doe) or Badava (cow) female.


Female partners are the young woman who are the centre of everyone's attraction. There are mainly three kinds of female partners. These are 1) Spinsters, 2) Remarried widows and 3) Prostitutes. Spinsters constitute the supreme category, remarried widows are mediocre, while prostitutes form the lowest category. On the basis of their body built, female partners have been classified into Hastine (elephant-like) Padmini (lotuslike) etc. According to their social status, Acharya Vatsyayan has recognized four categories of female partners spinsters, remarried women forced to have relation with men other than husband. Often eunuchs are also recognized as the fifth category of the female partners.


Who is a gentleman? Any educated person may be a gentleman. But without having a legitimate wife, even an educated man can't be gentleman. And after marriage, life cannot run without money. But no one gets money without efforts. Hence, marriage and taking up some economic occupation are necessary to be a civilized man. A civilized man must also make his residence at an excellent inhabitation, which is managed well. There must be a water near the inhabitation and general environment must be as clean and pure as possible. There must be two portions in a gentleman's house one for storing necessary provisions and other for sleeping. Further additions in the house must follow the principles of Vastu Shastra. His bedroom must have a comfortable bedstead with soft cushions and white sheets. There must be all the cosmetics handy in the bedroom. Apart from these musical instruments, music system posters of natural scenes and love scenes of couples must decorate the bedroom. The house must also have a swing, a lawn and a kitchen garden.

The inner portion of the house must be used by the woman. It should have a bedstead with soft cushion. There must also be a smaller but comfortable bed nearby for lovemaking. The owner of the house must enjoy physical intimacy with his wife on this smaller bed. Light snacks and drinks must also be handy in this room.

After a hard day work daily, evening of a gentle must start with music. Guests may also visit him at him time or conversely the gentleman may visit some one else as a guest himself.


Among all the four types of above-mentioned female partners, there are women not fit for coition. These are lepers, insane, corrupt, characterless and backbiters. Apart from them women who want full lighting during coition, who stint, who are past their prime, extremely fair-complexioned are also not fit for coition. Women having Electra complex must be shun in any case. Ultimately one must not strive to establish physical relations with an ascetic woman, friend of the wife, wife of the friend, teacher and the wife of the king.


Of course there is a strong drive of attraction among the members of opposite sexes. This drive urges human beings to establish close physical contact with the opposite sex. But it won't be wise to have a physical relation with just anybody. There are certain taboos to give this behaviour a direction. According, one should avoid physical relation with the woman belonging to very high class or to a very low class. One should not long for a relation with a woman married to someone other. One should not have a relation with a woman of the same caste but who has been boycotted by the society. Such relations almost always lead to the fall.