Sound mental and physical health is the foremost necessity in establishing an intimate contact. A satisfactory physical relation between husband and wife is, in fact, the basis of the happy married life. Medicines are therefore required to remove physical ailments. Sages have developed certain postures along with many Ayurvedic preparations to correct common physical ailments that lead to impotency among males and frigidness among females.
Lack of love and understanding between the husband and wife is the most common mental problem that haunts most of the couples. Without love, no physical contact can bear fruits no matter how intimate it could be. Hence, mutual love and understanding is also necessary to achieve peace in married life. Here, spiritual measures come in the picture. Hence, the originator of Kamasutra also discusses certain metaphysical ways to treat the problem that cannot be solved with physical postures.

Kamasutra is not simply an assemblage of erotic postures. It deals with the subtleties of human sexual behaviour. Topics discussed so far cover the ways to win the confidence of a woman and coaxing her into a sexual union. There are occasions, when a man fails to excite his female partner up to a certain degree of readiness. There are cases also when despite proper excitement; a man fails to satisfy his partner. In the eye of Kamasutra, all these instances are an abnormality. Kamasutra contains scores of formulas to treat these cases.
Beautification formulas: Beauty is the first thing that attracts the members of the opposite sex. It is the major area of modern cosmetics industry. It has not remained untouched by Kamasutra as well. Kamasutra contains scores of formulas that enhance beauty and radiance of the skin. These formulas can be prepared from the things easily available in a common household like barley, mustard, jaggery, honey, butter, milk, cream, Bengal gram and its flour, turmeric, sesame, olive oil and other spices. Certain specific herbs have also been mentioned in Kamasutra but unfortunately, their supply from the wild is continuously dwindling. Kamasutra also describes about the beautifying uses of our common neighbourhood trees like Neem, Amaltas, lemon, pomegranate, sandal, basil, myrobolan, arjun etc.

Formulas to allure a woman: These formulas are basically meant for exciting a woman during the intercourse to such an extent that she no longer desires for the company of other males. One such formula says that paste of all the parts- flower, fruit, leaves and root of deadly night-shade plant, along with pepper and long-pepper in honey acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. This paste is smeared on the phallus two hours before the actual intercourse and wiped out clean just before the intercourse. The woman experiences extreme excitement during such intercourse.
Formulas to enhance physical capacity: Every man has a fear during intercourse, lest he should ejaculate earlier without making the woman experience an orgasm. Most of the people blame their physical incompatibility for this condition. But it is more psychological than physical in origin. It is a common experience that when a process is performed repeatedly, the body fine-tunes itself to the requirement of the process. Intercourse is no exception to this rule. Usually, the retention power of men increases with practice. There are however formulas known to increase the retention power. Some of them, which use commonly available things, have been discussed here.

Licorice: Take ten grams licorice powder and mix it with ghee and honey taken in uneven proportion (ghee and honey in even proportion or equal parts are highly poisonous, so these are taken in uneven proportion). Take this paste with hot milk for 21 days to enhance your retention power.
Testis of goat and ram: If you are non-vegetarian, this recipe can be panacea for you. Cook the testes of a goat and ram in milk either separately or together. Add sugar to this milk and drink it. It tremendously enhances your retention power. This recipe should be tried for at least 21 days.
Alternatively, you may fry the testis, cooked in milk, in pure ghee and consume them with the fruit of peepal and salt. You will acquire capacity to mate with many women at a time.
Soak the powder of Amla (Indian gooseberry) in the juice of fresh Amla fruit and dry it in shade. Repeat the process for 51 times. Take this powder with honey and drink milk over it. It will greatly enhance your vitality.
Prepare a decoction of the fruit, bud, root bark and trunk bark of peepal tree in milk and add mishri (sugar candy) and drink it.

Ways to please extremely sexy women: If the woman is extremely sexy, has large genital and can endure the process for long, it is very difficult to please her with a brief intercourse. Experts suggest two ways to deal with such women. First, to increase own retention power and secondly to make a firm determination that he is going to ejaculate only after his partner has achieved orgasm. Experts also suggest of manual ways to excite such a woman. They say genitals of such a woman must be fondled with fingers so that she reaches an orgasm earlier. Once, she has reached orgasm, retention just looses it's significance as the main purpose is served.
Formulas to make a woman reach orgasm also include use of certain herbs and medicinal plants. Some of them have been discussed here.
Mix powder of bitter-gourd with honey and smear the genital of a woman with it. She will ejaculate in no time.
Paste of tamarind with jaggery smeared on a woman's genitals serves the same purpose. Paste of jaggery with honey is also effective.

Formula to attain greater retention: It is also better to attain greater retention than making a woman ejaculate first.
Mix the milk of goat, she-camel and cow together and massage the sole of your feet with this mixture. You will achieve far greater retention.
Ways to enhance the size of the phallus: Kamasutra contains scores of formulas that claim to increase the size of the phallus. But almost all of them contain highly poisonous things like mercury, borax, and harmful ingredients obtained from organic sources. Besides these formulations should be used under the supervision of an expert Vaidya (doctor).
Ways to constrict vagina after childbirth: Birth of a child brings tremendous joy in the family. But it also leaves the vagina in a placid expended condition, which is very much unexciting for a man. Kamasutra contains many formulas using which vagina can regain its original constricted condition.
Mix rock salt, cotton leaves, turmeric and seeds of berry together into powder form. Mix this powder with honey and smear it on the vaginal walls.
Crush a whole lotus flower along with its stalk and roll the paste into small balls. Put these balls, one at a time for sometime, into the vagina. It will constrict superbly.

Note: There are many formulas that serve similar purpose but need expert advice.
Hair-removing formulas: Pubes around female genitalia appear very irritating to some men. Scores of creams, lotions etc, are available in the market to remove the pubic hair but all of them provide temporary relief. Kamasutra contains many formulas to get rid of pubes.
Conch ash, ash of Butea tree mixed with the oil of chebulic myrobolan is an excellent hair-remover. Pluck the pubic hair and smear this paste on the area. The hair will never germinate again.

Formulas to make a woman infertile: No woman should consume three years old pure ghee because consumption of such ghee for more than fifteen days renders a woman infertile for life-long.
Grind sandal and mustard into fine powder. Add equal quantity of sugar and take it with a decoction of rice. Even the ovulation and menses will stop forever.
Consumption of whole turmeric for six days during the menses renders a woman infertile for rest of her life.