Practical aspect of Kamasutra has two divisions One deals with Tantra and second deals with the Asanas or postures. Thus, it is the main part of Kamasutra. Union of male and female forced has been a continuing process since the beginning of the creation. And it will continue as long as life exists on the earth. As there are innumerable forms of life, there are innumerable ways through which female and male forces can unite. Maharshi Vatsyayan has elaborated and refined the ways of unification of human male and female forces. These refined ways constitute the main body of Kamasutra.


Basically, Kamasutra is of two types Tantra and Avap. Fondling and embracing that act as sexual stimulant are known as Tantra. Samprayogik part elaborately teaches these arts hence it is itself known as Tantra.

Avap comprises the measures to attract the lover or beloved one. These measures have been elaborately discussed in the third, fourth and fifth and sixth parts of Kamasutra. These parts therefore are themselves known as Avap.


Acharya Vatsyayan cautions the people that Kama or Sexual pleasure must not come first for anybody. By nature it is an opponent of religion and wealth. Those, who give top priority to the sexual pleasures almost always fall in the bad company, bad occupation, impurity and many other evils. Controlled by sexual desires, uncountable people have been destroyed. History abounds in such examples. Dandal met a tragic and because of his liking for a Brahmins daughter. Indra was destroyed for defiling the chastity of Ahilya. Keechak was killed by Bheem, because he had wanted to have an illicit connection with Draupadi. And even Ravana, who had conquered Yama, ultimately fell before the bows of Shri Rama because he had leered Sita. All these examples show the fate of such people who gave top priority to their sexual desires.


Just as food is necessary to sustain the body, similarly religion and wealth are necessary to maintain a healthy sexual behaviour. Though Kama or sexual pleasure disinclines one from religion, yet it is necessary for a healthy existence. Unquenched sexual desires give rise to mental disturbances. These disturbances ultimately cause the death of the body.

One trains religion and collects wealth for the comforts. If, after training these two, one does not long for carnal pleasures, what is the use of all these fussy they both will be futile. It is said that Dharm or religion assures a place in heaven. But it cannot be trained without a woman. Only women give birth of ones' children. And only with children one can carry out his earthly duties well.

Even if Kama is with fault, it makes no difference. Faults are inherent to humans. Even bodily functions develop faults frequently. Such as for example, indigestion. But it does not mean that one gives up eating forever. Only as long as indigestion continues one avoids a meal. Recovering from the fault, one resumes his normal course. Sexual behaviour is most complex among all the human behaviours. Faults are but natural to arise in sexual behaviour. But it does not mean that one should always shun sex. Those, who hate sex, simply waste their lives. Hence Vatsyayan opines that one should always guard himself against the faults related to sexual conduct, but he should enjoy it legitimately.

Those who attain all the three goals religion, wealth and sexual pleasure, have no regret at the end. On the contrary those who fail to attain either of these three goals keep on regretting till last. Sexual desires are very hard to suppress. These do not leave one even on the death bed. Such a person feels himself as a great unfortunate one. That is why Acharya Vatsyayan has exposited the ritual of Kama so that every physically and mentally healthy person could channelise and quench his sexual desires.


Desire is the first reason for an intercourse. Both the partners must have a desire first, only then each of them would allow a closer contact to the other. After desire, access to the partner is the second reason. Scores of barriers exist between a man and a woman. In the present discussion, it is presumed that both the partners have free access to each other. Besides it is not a purpose of Kamasutra to discuss about the ways how to remove the social barriers that keep a man and a woman apart.


Man and woman are the two distinct bodily representations of male and female forces. Their unification marks the beginning of creations. Life is the supreme miracle of nature. It is begotten only when male and female forces unite through the bodies of a man and a woman. There are special organs in the bodies of the man and woman to channelise this unification. But before these organs could unite, they must experience proper degree of urge. Intense love is the first pre-requisite to generate this urge.


Presume that the lovers have free access to each other and have complete privacy. Even in such an ideal situation their love will not jump to its conclusion. It cannot. Kamasutra describes Sixty-four ways how to take your love to a successful culmination. These sixty-four ways constitute the fore-plays that precede actual lovemaking. These fore plays exist as a natural instinct among the animals in view of the survival of the fittest. But human beings have learned them. In humans,. The male partners cared for the pleasure of the female partners and vice-versa. Such dedication is required to ensure loyality also. Hence knowledge of Kamashastra is must for all. Promiscuity leads to fall in religion, reputation and wealth of a householder.