Maharshi Vatsayan says that married women, wife of the brother, sister of the mother, old maid and elder sister are all the teachers to teach young girls in Kamasutra.

In Mahabharat, the king of Virat had appointed Vrihannala (Arjun in eunuch guise) to teach his daughter Uttara in the arts related to Kamasutra. But now a day feeling of motherhood is diminishing in the society. Bearing top priority of so called modern women. Sexual desires and their fulfillment come first for such so called modern women. How much will they be concerned about the future of their daughters, no one can say that. Hence, knowledge of Kamasutra is a must for women also. Only then they can teach their daughters to differentiate between constructive and destructive carnal desires. Such ability will surely save the young girls from the bad company. In the modern society, deadly sexual diseases like AIDS are lurking at every nook and corner. A reserved behaviour of young girls will certainly act as a shield against these hard to cure diseases.


To teach the young girl the practical aspect of Kamasutra, total privacy in the first requisite. All the girls-irrespective of their intelligence level must at least learn the practical aspect of Kamsutra. There are in all, sixty-four different arts like singing, dancing, playing instruments etc. that comprise Kamasutra. Experienced maids, married friends, mothers, young sister etc. can be entrusted with the job of training young girls in Kamasutra.

It is imperative for a woman to gain substantial knowledge about Kamasutra before marriage. During childhood years a woman body is sufficiently flexible to learn the postures and all other arts related to Kamasutra. But in young age, they become too shy to respond to these postures. After marriage they are dependent on their husband, who expect that their wives would have enough training of Kamasutra. Because of their low level of receptivity, teaching a discipline to woman is forbidden. Hence it is useless to teach the woman about subtleties of Kamasutra. Only the practical aspect of it should be taught to them.


Kamasutra shows no objection over the company of prostitutes, nor puts only restrictions on this tendency. Many well to-do people seek the company of prostitutes. Kamasutra puts them both in the category of Nayika, pretty, young woman who is the centre of every one's attraction. But excess of everything is bad. Thanks to the company of prostitutes, even the wealthiest people lose their property; and even the greatest braves fall prey to inertia. In the present age, when the danger of deadly AIDS looms large, ignorant people seek the company of prostitutes and acquire host of deadly diseases. These people, in turn, transfer these diseases to their wives. And if the wife conceives the children are sure to have AIDS since birth. As all of us know, AIDS is an incurable disease, knowledge of Kamasutra may be sure way to combat this evil.


By unrelated women, it means here women other than your wife. Reproduction and hence continuation of the family is the basic object of copulation. Copulation with just any woman may give you a son (or an offspring). But the offspring you get by copulating with your wife will be truly yours. He or she will bear your name and receive respect and acceptance in the society. On the other hand, offspring produced through extramarital affair will bear the name of some one's else. Scriptures abound in the examples of such people, who had blind desire for unrelated women' and the fate they met ultimately. True gentlemen are not allured by the beauty of unrelated women. Desire for unrelated women is thus a social evil, which everyone must fight against. Maharshi had cited the examples of Keechaka and Ravana to show the faults of unjust desires for unrelated women.